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An exhibition of railway footbridges at Waterloo Station

The mezzanine at Waterloo Station has been filled with photographs of railway footbridges — as part of the Network Rail retrospective study.

Extraordinary photos of WW1 battle fields

A series of almost too beautiful photos that show the long aftermath of war have gone on display in the Guildhall Yard in the City of London.

The birth of photography at the Science Museum

The ending of the first Industrial Revolution marked the birth of another, the Information Revolution — in the form of the first photographs, and to mark that revolution, a new exhibition has opened at the Science Museum.

Photographing Soldiers and Suffragettes

A hundred years ago, a short stocky woman roamed the streets of London, carrying a huge wooden box and tripod, aiming to capture the world around her.

Even More Photos of a Deserted London

Two years ago I cycled around London on Christmas morning taking photos of a city that was, thanks to the lack of public transport and everything being closed – was itself totally deserted of people. I was somewhat surprised at

The Museum at the Royal London Hospital

For medical reasons, I am required to visit a hospital for prodding and poking every few months, and the clinic I visit was recently moved from Barts in the City to the Royal London Hospital in the distinctly non-regal Whitechapel.

Photo contest with Wikimedia and Museums

Two photography posts in succession? I better stop this sharpish! Anyhow, after yesterdays somewhat sarcastic opinion about a photo contest, here is one which is vastly more worthy and exciting. Britain Loves Wikipedia is a photography contest that will be

DLR Launches Photography Contest

I am writing about this not because I think the contest is noteworthy due to wondrous prizes, but for the sheer irony of the issues it raises. Over the years I have lived in the docklands area, I have on

Tower Bridge in the Dereliction

In the 1970’s-80s large swathes of the docklands area was left as wasteland following the development of container cargo trade – and as such there are quite a lot of photos of the area showing the wastelands left over from

Met Police Issue Advice to Amateur Photographers

There is an ongoing and sometimes very contentious debate about the rights of people to take photos in public spaces and the attitude of the police and security officers when they see a camera pointing at something interesting. There have

Photography Banned in Greenwich Foot Tunnel

This is probably more the remit of The Greenwich Phantom, but as part of the Greenwich foot tunnel lies on MY side of the river, and this concerns a particular bugbear of mine, I shall talk about it. The tunnel,

Surveillance Britain in 2009?

The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) is an award winning 2006 film about the Stasi in East Germany, yet the lessons from the film has striking parallels with Great Britain in 2009. Here subtitles are added to the