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Unbuilt London: A Bronze Slab Next to Parliament

In the early 1970s, plans were announced to demolish a cluster of old buildings opposite Big Ben and replace them with a vast monolith covered in bronzed glass.

Unbuilt London: The Thames Airport

No not that one, the other one. No, not that one either, the other one. Yes, this one -- the giant airport right in the centre of London on the Thames, next to Parliament.

Brian Haw’s protest camp inside the Museum of London

One of the enduring images of the Blair government was a lone man protesting outside Parliament in a tent -- and now some of that protest has come to the Museum of London.

Overnight rehearsal of the State Opening of Parliament – photos

Earlier this morning, the police and military sealed off the streets around Parliament. In many countries that is the cue for panic and coups, but in Britain it means pomp and ceremony. It was a rehearsal, for more pomp and

Medieval River Wall Uncovered in Parliament Gardens

A 700 year old stone wall has been discovered in the grounds of Parliament which could show the shoreline of the Thames before the embankment was constructed.

MPs mistaking arms for anus

Our elected masters are often accused of talking out of their bums, and indeed, often talk about bums when debating sexual offenses -- but it seems that the official record of their debates, at Hansard can often mistakes arms for bums.

Military flypast over Parliament on Wednesday

For reasons which I am still unable to determine, there will be a World War 2 era plane flying over Parliament on Wednesday evening.

Overnight rehearsal of the State Opening of Parliament

Had you been in Westminster at 4am this morning, a most unusual sight would have greeted you. Not the occasional night bus, delivery truck or worker, but the whole area was sealed off and given over to the military.

Parliament appoints a Suffragette Artist-in-Residence

Parliament has commissioned an artist, Mary Branson as its official "Suffragette Artist-in-Residence" to develop a permanent work of art to commemorate the women's suffrage campaign.

Why it will take 6,000 dead goats to build the HS2 Railway

If, or when the High Speed 2 railway is constructed, it will require roughly 6,000 dead goats.

40th anniversary of New Year’s Day as a Bank Holiday

It may seem like an ancient tradition, but the idea of today being a holiday is comparatively new -- in fact it is just 40 years old. Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first Bank Holiday for New Year's Day.

700th anniversary of the ban on MPs carrying weapons into Parliament

Exactly 700 years ago, King Edward I banned the wearing of armour or the carrying of weapons into Parliament. That law still exists today, and has never been amended or modified.

A look at the secular enclave within Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, that mighty bastion of religion has an alien invader amongst its midst, a couple of buildings that were nominally religious, but have spent the past 800 years performing more secular duties.

A drawing of Parliament from the Victoria Tower made in 1860

Something political from my collection of the Illustrated London News - this time January 28th 1860 during the ongoing construction of the new Parliament.

How Big Ben originally got its Nickname

With the news that the Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster is to be renamed Elizabeth Tower, comes the usual speculation about how the huge bell within got its nickname of Big Ben. Curiously, this is an issue that

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