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London’s Alleys: Crown Passage, SW1

A picturesque alley that’s lined with ancient shops and inns, and within staggering distance of royal palaces and posh clubs.

London’s Alleys – Pickering Place, SW1

This is one of London’s oldest and more famous alleys, with a foreign embassy, the occasional duel, brothels, famous authors and gambling all packed into a tiny space.

Closed for 130 years, the public observation tower in central London

In 1834, a tall observation tower was opened to the public near to Trafalgar Square giving people a chance to look down on Pall Mall and overlook St James Park and Whitehall.

The London Library

The London Library is claimed to be the largest lending library in the world, and yesterday I joined some friends in having a tour of the place. It is set in a fairly small looking building in the rarified atmosphere