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Photos of the (almost) deserted Olympic Park

A sight that the Olympics organisers hope to never see is an empty Olympic Park, but for me it was too good a chance to miss. I took a gamble which involved getting to a smaller gate on the opposite

A double-decker bus doing push-ups in Islington

It’s an art thing, but quite a fun one. A red double-decker bus is doing muscular push-ups outside the Business Design Centre (map link) in Islington. The venue has been taken over by the Czech Republic’s Olympics team and they

Cultural food and drink events during the Olympics

A number of countries in addition to sending athletes to London for the Olympics, have also chosen to set up cultural hubs in the city as well. Showcasing their national stereotypes, and also acting as a useful base for their

Confusing email about Olympic changes to Canary Wharf

I just received a rather badly worded email from TfL laying out what they will do at Canary Wharf tube station during the Olympics, that leaves more questions than it answers. First, here is the text of the email. I

A look around HMS Ocean at Greenwich

On Friday evening, the Royal Navy’s largest ship, HMS Ocean squeezed its way through the gaps in the Thames Barrier and moored by Greenwich for a few weeks of securing the area for the Olympics — and on Sunday let

Tall Towers Appear in Docklands and Greenwich

Regular users of Millwall Park at the bottom end of the Isle of Dogs may have been surprised to see a tall lattice tower suddenly arrive over the past few days and spring upwards. A flapping notice on one of

A second cable car at Greenwich?

A warning message to ships on the Thames, that three cables are be carried across the river to link Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs in a manner very similar to that used for the Dangleway by the Millenium Dome

In photos – Raising the Olympic Rings to the top of Tower Bridge

If you has also been willing to get up at an ungodly hour, then you could have seen a rather impressive bit of civil engineering take place, as a large set of Olympic Rings was hoisted up to the top

How Typhoon jets will intercept unexpected planes during the Olympics

As part of the ongoing militarisation of London in preparation for the Olympics, we are probably aware that there will be missiles stationed in various locations around the venues, and that fighter jets will be on standby to intercept unexpected

Another Olympics related “exclusive pop-up experience”

Visitors to this summer’s Olympic games who are looking for that exclusive experience to remember the games by might have been tempted by the opportunity to take a canal cruise into the Olympic venue itself. At a mere £95 for

Olympic sized security exercises on the Thames next month

A notice for mariners to look out for high speed boats whizzing up and down the river, and a very big Royal Navy ship has been distributed. The notice warns that security exercises that will take place along the Thames

How TfL is planning for the Olympics traffic deluge

Later this summer, the transport will/wont be thrown into chaos as unlimited hordes of people visit the city during the Olympics, and it is interesting to ponder how we will all cope with the dramatic changes. There has been a

How will the Olympics change transport habits – in the future

There is a lot of news fluff about the new transport maps indicating expected areas of high traffic and pronouncements of doom and gloom from some quarters — including an emailed request for my own predictions of doom and gloom

A garish smorgasbord of 2012 memorabilia in John Lewis

One of the so-called “anchor tenants” within the gargantuan shopping centre next to the Olympic Park is John Lewis, and they have set aside part of their new department store as a 2012 shop and viewing area. Since it opened,

Booking opens today for tours of the BT Tower

A few left overs from last week’s mad rush to book tickets for the London Open House Weekend, as booking opens today for the tours of the BT Tower and also bus-tours of the Olympic Park. BT Tower Tours on

A canal boat tour of the Olympic Park

One of the nicer aspects of the Olympic Park is that they have retained the old canals within the grounds of the park to break the space up and provide much needed “canalside frontage” to the luxury houses that will

Phone numbers and memorable questions

Two IT based moans in one day – must get back to fluffy posts about London history as soon as possible! Today, the London 2012 website started trawling for email addresses to contact with information about various Olympic happenings and

The Chap Olympiad 2009

Spiffing news Jeeves, for those fine gentlemen over at The Chap have announced the date for the The Chap Olympiad of 2009. Unlike the more athletic antics likely to occur in a few years time just up the road in