Olympics - Latest news, articles and photos

Olympics - Latest news, articles and photos

Ticket Alert: The Chap Olympiad 2018

Gin, Umbrella Jousting, Gin, Three-Trousered Limbo, Gin, Moustache Wrestling, Gin, Quill Throwing, Gin and Bounders.

Paralympians as Olympian Gods above a Crossrail station

To mark the latest Olympic games, some of the Paralympians have been rendered into art form and are on display at the Crossrail station in Canary Wharf.

Chance to buy a chunk of London 2012 racing track

The former Olympic Stadium is selling off parts of the London 2012 racing track, as souvenirs.

The London 2012 cauldron goes on public display

Since time immemorial, the flame has been a symbol of the Olympic Games. Well, at least since 1936, it has been, when the first Olympic Cauldron was introduced for the German Games of 1936.

Take a look around London’s newest Postcode – E20

Over the next few weeks, people will start typing E20 in to websites as the first part of their address as they move into new flats built on the Olympic Park.

Tom Daley’s swimming trunks become a Museum artefact

Curators at the Museum of London are used to handling objects that may have been dug up out of damp ground and carefully dried to preserve them for display.

Public tours of The Orbit start again

Surrounded by a building site, one of the few objects within the Olympic Park that doesn’t have builders crawling all over it is the Orbit Tower.

Massive bronze Polo sculptures sitting in Docklands

On the opposite side of the docks from the City Airport can be found a remnant of London 2012 artistic endeavours, in the form of a large set of bronze sculptures.

The View Tube reopens next to the Olympic Park

As noted by Diamond Geezer yesterday and by myself today, the Greenway next to the Olympic Park has reopened, as has the View Tube at one end.

Free bus tours of the former Olympic site to start

The former Olympic park is to start offering free bus tours of the site during the conversion from its Olympic layout to the new public park that will open progressively during 2013-14.

Tower Bridge Fireworks – Photos

If you watched the last moments of the Paralympics closing ceremony last night when the fireworks went off at Stratford, you might have seen a short clip of a small display happening at Tower Bridge as well. That was one

Building the Olympics – bedtime reading

Now that we have all gushed over the various Olympic venues, it might be worth sparing a moment to consider the planning and effort that went into building them. Fortunately, the usually subscription only Institute of Civil Engineering have put

More tours of HMS Ocean announced

If you missed out on the chance to visit the Royal Navy’s largest warship, currently doing Olympian security duties in Greenwich, then it has been announced that it will be open to the public again during the August Bank Holiday.

The unexpected and welcome Olympic Legacy

And so it is over. Today, the athletes. the trainers, the sponsors and their assorted lackeys pack up their bags and leave the party. Years of expectation and effort concentrated into a single moment. Would people turn up, would they

The Olympic Water Chariots slash their prices

The hideously overpriced canal boat service taking people from Limehouse to nearish to the Olympic Park seems to have finally bowed the inevitability of their reportedly near-empty boats… …a few days after revamping their website, they have today finally slashed

Get in early with your Olympic souvenir hunting

Sitting inside the Olympic Park is a “megastore” packed with Olympic branded goodies. Some garish, some surprisingly tasteful, including the canvas bags with 1948 posters on them – alas, a plastic style print transfer that wouldn’t last very long, and

How Green Was Our Olympic Park

When London’s bid for the 2012 Olympics was presented, part of the arguments would be centered on its eco-credentials. It would be a public transport based Olympics, energy would be renewable. Well, some of it would be. …and the Olympic

An unusual train movement on the London Underground

Earlier this morning, something happened that hasn’t been seen for over 65 years – a tube train left Waterloo and arrived at Bank, carrying passengers. Yes, to help cope with the deluge of passengers for the Olympics, the Waterloo and