Olympic Park - Latest news and reviews

Red Arrows flying over East London on Saturday

Look to the skies, for the red, white and blue of the Red Arrows will be gracing the skies of east London on Saturday (21st July 2018).

Orbital Lego exhibition coming to London

For a couple of weeks, there will be an exhibition of London-inspired models made from Lego -- on display in the Orbit observation thingy in the Olympic Park.

Photos of the closed part of the Olympic Park

There was a chance the other night to take a brief look at part of the sealed off Olympic Park that is due to open to the general public on Saturday.

Take a look around London’s newest Postcode – E20

Over the next few weeks, people will start typing E20 in to websites as the first part of their address as they move into new flats built on the Olympic Park.

Olympic Park opens in 47, or 49, or 50 days time at midnight

Over the past few months, I have occasionally noticed a countdown clock at the top of the Olympic park website noting when the part reopens to the public.

Public tours of The Orbit start again

Surrounded by a building site, one of the few objects within the Olympic Park that doesn't have builders crawling all over it is the Orbit Tower.