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There’s a pink tube train in North Greenwich

I think this can only qualify as OMG MY EYES — there’s a fake tube train carriage that has been decorated in a style that can serve only one purpose — to burn the retinas in your eyeballs.

Sci-Fi style scale model of North Greenwich

An exhibition space in North Greenwich has a scale model of what the area could look like in the future – and it seems to be modeled on a Science Fiction show.

The Tide, Greenwich’s pointless folly

If someone said, design me something pointless then cover it in hype, then The Tide in Greenwich would be the result.

The less than iconic Icon Outlet at the O2

You’re a huge tent with large numbers of visitors thronging to see the latest instagram star, so what could be better than a long row of designer retailers to drain even more money from their wallets?

North Greenwich tube station could be rebuilt

Less than two decades after it opened, plans to partially demolish and rebuild North Greenwich tube station have been unveiled.

Five new river crossings announced by the Mayor

The Mayor of London has outlined aspirations for a number of new river crossings in East London, which is a bit of a north-south barrier at the moment as far as transport is concerned.

Unbuilt London: A cable car across the Thames

There were once plans to build a cable car that would link the Millennium Dome with the DLR on the north side of the river. Obviously, no such cable car was ever built.

London’s lost bridge across the Thames at Blackwall

For nearly 1,700 years, the only bridge across the Thames was the famous London bridge, until Putney Bridge was constructed in 1726. Yet London very nearly had another bridge crossing the Thames, which may have been in fact constructed, at least in part before being abandoned.

Last photos of the Cable Car as a Construction Site

Tomorrow lunchtime in what is bound to be a media frenzy, Boris will take a trip across the Thames in his beloved Cable Car, some of the media will love it, and some will loathe it – with their decision

The industrial wasteland at North Greenwich

Although North Greenwich is increasingly known for the big white dome thing that has managed an unexpected rejuvenation in recent years, and being the terminus for a number of Jubilee Line trains – it also has an area of unspoilt

Updated photos from the Cable Car construction site

As the south pylon on the Greenwich side of the river starts rising this week, a few photos of the construction site taken today. Not sure, but that looks like a cable car pod under the wraps – just white

A dead whale in London Docklands

Just a couple of months ago, as part of building works along the riverside in North Greenwich, builders uncovered the skeleton of a large whale that was probably killed 200-300 years ago – and it is on display in the

A Walk Along Industrial North Greenwich

The dominant concrete grain silos in North Greenwich are shortly to be demolished to make way for human silos in the form of modern blocks of flats. While the associated factory stank rather badly, it provided jobs and added character