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Photos of the Early Printing Presses at Fleet Street

Fleet Street may have been known as the traditional heart of London’s newspapers, but in fact, many of the newspapers were situated not on Fleet Street proper, but on side streets around it. One such property was the Associated Newspapers

Why I am willing to pay to read the news online – sometimes

There has been much gnashing of teeth over the news that the Times Newspaper is to start charging for access to its website in a couple of months time. The news (hur!) is not that unexpected as the parent company

Tanks can’t run on toasters

Due to metal shortages for the war effort during World War Two, GEC ran this advert in the Illustrated London News reminding people why the modern “electric toaster” was no longer available. But worry not – for once the war

Newspaper headlines the morning after the Inauguration

There is a quite fascinating website which scans the front pages of newspapers from around the world, and this morning’s editions could have been dominated by one single story – the new President of the USA. I had a scan

A gallery of Political Cartoons

I wandered along to the Political Cartoon Gallery – which is just off Tottenham Court Road – on Saturday for a look at an exhibition which was due to finish that day. I was actually planning to go there the

Warning Messages on London Transport

Prompted by a comment on Annie Moles’s blog about sarcastic warning messages on the tube network I was reminded of a thought I had yesterday about the perpetual audio warning messages which pervade the transport system today. I was sitting