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Charing Cross Station could be extended across the Thames

A plan has emerged that could see Charing Cross station rebuilt in a style similar to Blackfriars, with platforms running across the Thames.

Turning around Britain’s “worst railway”?

You’ve been in the job for just five months, and tasked with turning around the London south-eastern section of Network Rail – dubbed by some as Britain’s worst railway. What do you do?

Major new London Bridge junction to open after Christmas

One of the many railway bottlenecks outside London Bridge should be removed this coming Christmas, with the commissioning of the Bermondsey Flyunder.

In photos – the new London Bridge station concourse

After years of hidden construction work, the first phase of the new London Bridge station opened this morning.

Remains of a disused station uncovered by Network Rail

One hundred years ago, two railway stations closed, but just recently construction works has uncovered the remains of one of them.

A look at Bermondsey’s railway dive-under construction site

While much of the focus on London Bridge’s redevelopment sticks to the station itself, one of the most complex parts of the upgrade is taking place a mile away, in Bermondsey

Double-deck trains proposed for Waterloo station lines

One of the most oft cited “solutions” to railway overcrowding is the introduction of double-deck trains, which are regularly used in other countries.

Photos from the roof of Victoria Station

As a couple of thousand people milled around the concourse of Victoria Station, a much smaller number of people were permitted to wander high above their heads, on the Victorian roof structure.

Henry Moore sculpture appears outside King’s Cross station

The large flat regular space of the new plaza outside King’s Cross station has started to regain a little bit of the clutter that defined it for the past hundred years.

Euston Station to be Refurbished

Euston Station, that unloved 1960s slab of a railway station is to be tarted up, a little bit.

Photos – Watch a railway bridge being replaced

Over the Easter weekend a delayed plan to replace an old railway bridge swung into action as a road in North Dulwich was sealed off and handed over to an army of hard hat wearing builders and massive machines.

What are they building at Charing Cross Railway Station?

Anyone who uses Charing Cross station in recent weeks cannot help to have noticed that changes are underfoot, but maybe not realise just how much is about to change.

Photos from the roof above King’s Cross Station

In just under two weeks time, commuters arriving at King’s Cross station will be the first to leave the front of the building and walk not onto a building site, but a large open plaza.

British Railway’s Art-Deco Style Electrical Control Room

At the height of the art-deco movement, Southern Railways lead the UK in the move from steam trains to electric, and naturally needed some control rooms to manage the electricity supply. So they built a bunker just outside Woking, which

Demolition of King’s Cross’s “Ugly Green Shed” Imminent

In just a few weeks, the famously ugly green shed that has been despoiling the frontage of King’s Cross station since the 1970s will start to be swept away in the final stage of the upgrades to the area. The

Photos behind the hoardings of the new Kings Cross station

Over the past few years, Kings Cross has undergone a double process of rebuilding as its 150 year old main platforms had the tired old plastic windows replaced and the paintwork tarted up. However, over on the western side, a

A Slightly Behind-the-Scenes Look at Kings Cross Train Station

When booking a tour of Kings Cross station with limited information about what the tour will include, there is a risk that it will be just a wander around the public areas, or maybe a good look around some of

Train fares to rise – Train fares to fall

Two separate organisations put out two different press releases this morning. They appeared one after the other in my RSS reader – and it was the coincidental juxtaposition of the two headlines that raised a wry smile. I am not