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The Queen commands Mary Anning must appear on 50p coins

The 19th-century fossil hunter, Mary Anning is being commemorated in a series of new collectable coins from the Royal Mint and Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum to be in a TV show next week

A note to look out for a behind-the-scenes style documentary series featuring London’s own Natural History Museum.

See “Fantastic Beasts” inside the Natural History Museum

The Harry Potter world has come to a building that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the books or movies, as an exhibition opens that combines the fantasy land with the real world.

Tickets Alert: Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition

The annual exhibition of award-winning photographs of our planet returns later this year, and due to shorter opening hours, they’re putting tickets on sale from today to give people a chance to book early.

Kensington’s big three museums announce their reopening dates

The big three – the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the V&A Museum have all announced the dates they will reopen following the lockdown.

The Queen commands – put dinosaurs on the 50p coins

By order of The Queen, a trilogy of 50p coins has been released, featuring dinosaurs on them.

Natural History Museum wants to put a dinosaur in its front garden

The Natural History Museum has shown off plans to revamp the space in front of the museum, including putting a dinosaur in the garden.

Remarkable 3D images of dinosaurs

If you were to wander though the Natural History Museum shop (currently closed of course), then you might spy some really quite astonishing 3D pictures.

See fist-fighting mice on the London Underground

A photo of two mice in a fist-fight on the London Underground has been put forward for a Natural History photography award.

The Museum of the Moon at the Natural History Museum

Deep within the Natural History Museum is a huge cavernous space filled with a giant floating replica of the moon.

Day trips from London – Natural History Museum, Tring

While many people will be familiar with the mighty Natural History Museum in central London, fewer will know that it has a sister museum just half an hour by train outside London.

Watch sci-fi movies underneath a flying whale

The Natural History Museum has announced a season of science fiction movies, to be shown in their great hall underneath the skeleton of a flying whale.

A pillared hall full of glittering stones

In an era of ever more flashy museum displays, step back into an older world, of wooden cases and typewritten signs, to a place where misshapen lumps of stone are the glories to admire.

Poisonous new exhibition opening soon

A new exhibition will be opening this autumn focusing on that rather curious ability of animals to kill – using poison.

See a flying whale in London

A few weeks ago, the public got to see a giant flying whale arrive in the Natural History Museum.