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Help rechalk the Cern Abbas Giant

Once a decade, people are asked to help give the Cern Abbas Giant a bit of a clean and apply a fresh layer of chalk to it's giant... stature.

Climbing to the top of the Bridgewater Monument

In the middle of woods can be found a tall stone column, built to honour the man who built the UK's first industrial canals -- Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater.

Help re-chalk the Uffington White Horse

Last year I spent a couple of hours bashing an ancient monument with a hammer, and there's a chance to do it again.

Pay a visit to Avebury Stone circle

There's a part of England's green and pleasant land that's rich in ancient stone works, and at one place, you can find a pub inside a giant stone circle.

The ancient tradition of cleaning the Uffington Horse

For thousands of years, people have come to Uffington to clean a prehistoric white horse carved into the landscape. And this weekend, the ancient tradition was performed once again.

Help re-chalk the Uffington White Horse

Fancy taking a hammer and smashing a prehistoric monument — and doing so with permission?

A chance to help chalk the Uffington White Horse

Fancy taking a hammer and smashing a prehistoric monument -- and doing so with permission?

Tickets Alert: Three foreign embassies offering free tours

Next month three grand Embassy buildings in London will be opening their doors for rare public tours.

Ticket Alert: Routemaster Tours of Croydon

Jonathan Meades once described Croydon as London's filing cabinet, and later this month there will be a chance to take a look around the cupboards.

A visit to Reigate – Part 2

If you were to find yourself in Reigate visiting some caves, what else is there to do in the area?

Routemaster bus tours of London’s architecture

Fancy traveling in a vintage green routemaster bus conducting tours around London's architecture?

Sounds of the sea come to tube stations

On Friday, a number of tube stations will wash with the sound of waves breaking on stony beaches and the cry of seagulls looking for discarded chips.

Free Entry to London’s National Trust Properties

One weekend in March, the National Trust is opening up almost all of its buildings to the public free of charge. You need to download a voucher to gain free entry to the buildings, and that then gets you into

Heritage Question Time

Various “bosses” of the UK’s heritage industry are to submit themselves to a Question Time type session in front of the public next month – but if you want to be one of the questioners, then you need to put

Fenton House Apple Day

In Hampstead is a National Trust property with amongst many delights – a 300 year old apple orchard. Therefore it was fitting that today, the garden was hosting an Apple festival – with a dose of kiddies things and beekeeping.