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Watch National Theatre plays online

If you are missing the theatre, there’s an online service from the National offering a large range of their performances.

The National Threatre is offering some online Dick

Dick Whittington that is! And Dick Whittington is coming to a computer screen near you.

Tickets Alert: Panto in the National

In an unusual year, and unusual occurrence – the National Theatre is having a panto show this Christmas.

The first ever Pantomine comes to The National Theatre

It’s a strange year and getting stranger, as that bastion of the Southbank arts complex, The National Theatre is to stage its first ever Pantomine this winter.

An exhibition of costumes at the National Theatre

From rags to glamorous gowns, the theatre is a wonderment of fantasy that is often brought to life as much by the costumes, as the acting and stage sets. The costumes are also one of the more dynamic aspects of

Concrete Reality – Denys Lasdun and the National Theatre

If you head to the top floor of the National Theatre at the Southbank, then behind two anonymous wooden doors, is a corridor filled with concrete heaven — an exhibition about how the National Theatre was born out of concrete.

There is a Big Red Shed on the SouthBank

If you have passed by the Southbank recently or crossed over Waterloo Bridge in a red bus, you might have struggled to avoid seeing a big red shed that has appeared next to the National Theatre.