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A lunar exhibition of moon rocks and art in Greenwich

On this anniversary year of the moon landings, one of the many exhibitions that are opening is in London, and looks not just at the moon landing, but at the moon entire.

Greenwich’s Maritime Museum to expand by 40% in September

The National Maritime Museum is about to get bigger. Much bigger. A development project that's nearly finished is seeing the museum gain four new galleries, adding 1,000m2 of space in the Museum’s East Wing, previously closed to visitors, into public use.

See the Baltic Exchange Memorial Glass

Sitting in a bit of a corner in the Maritime Museum can be found something that ideally shouldn't be there.

Museum Meals – National Maritime Museum

I was in Greenwich for an event taking place later that afternoon, so why not pop into the newish extension to the Maritime Museum for a bit of lunch while I waited.

The reopening of the Cutty Sark by the Baron Greenwich (and his wife)

Today, the Baron Greenwich and his wife will visit his namesake town and let her announce the opening of the restored Cutty Sark sailing ship after its lengthy, expensive, and very controversial refurbishment. Yesterday, practically every journalist and blogger in

A history of Royal Pageantry along the Thames

With the Royal Pageant taking place in a couple of months, it is opportune to learn a bit about the history of such grand events which were often the closest the great unwashed would get to see their Regal masters