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London’s newest museum remembers plague, persecution and philanthropy

One of London's oldest buildings has gained its youngest museum, based in a building that owes its existence to the Black Death.

An underground museum of military history

There's a basement behind a gated entrance in plain sight but hidden from view in central London which conceals a surprisingly large museum.

Museums at night makes second pass at 2015

The once-a-year late night event where loads of museums open late at the same time is to take place twice this year, with a second round in October.

Museum Meals – Imperial War Museum

On the weekend that the new Museum of the Mind opened at Bethlem Hospital in south London, I wandered over to its former home in Lambeth for a bite of lunch.

Museum Meals – Wellcome Collection

A first museum meal of the new year and as with all new-year resolutions, time for something annoyingly healthy to offset the excesses of the past month.

Give the gift of Museum Membership this Xmas

If you want to give something this Christmas that your recipient can use all year round - rather than socks and fragrances… give them a membership pack for a London museum they like to visit.

Pay a visit to the Museum of Teapots

A small village in the middle of the Kent countryside sports a few pubs, a windswept train station, a canal -- and a most unusual museum.

Meals in Museums

In 1988, the Victoria and Albert museum launched an advertising campaign that was to prove surprisingly controversial.

Visit a museum in the middle of an MoD firing range

A hundred years ago, a man died, and in doing so set in chain a series of events that was to see a large island off the coast of Essex sealed off from the general public, and it remains so to this very day.

Twinings Tiny Treasure House of Tea

One of London's smallest museums can be found in one of its oldest and smallest retail outlets, and is devoted to that most English of pastimes, the cup of tea.

Museum visitors have poorer memory if they take photos of exhibits

A study has claimed that people who take photos of exhibits in museums or galleries have a worse memory about their visit than those who walk around without a camera.

A marvellous museum of mechanical material manufactory

In darkest South London can be found a remarkable time capsule sitting in an otherwise ordinary industrial building, for to step past the ordinary doors is to enter a Victorian parlour of industrial delights.

Support a London Museum this Christmas

Now than the Papist has been burnt as effigy, we can safely start talking about the next big festival -- that of Christmas and the annual season of gift giving.

Fantasy Architecture — An Aircraft Carrier for London?

Pssst, want a second-hand aircraft carrier? Got one going cheap, only a few million miles on the clock. Go on, would look lovely next to the mantelpiece.

Visit the Salvation Army Museum

Throughout the land is an organisation that marches along our high streets in a quasi-military fashion, singing hymns and raising money for good causes.

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