Museum Of London - Latest news, articles and photos

Museum Of London - Latest news, articles and photos

The Museum of London’s model tube trains

Almost hidden in plain view, in a dark corner of the Museum of London can be found a working model of the London Underground.

Rare panel of a Baron turned Saint goes on display

A rare devotional panel has gone on display at the Museum of London, although it’s in a small display case that is quite easy to overlook if you don’t know the significance of the object.

Museum of London seeking a new home

The Museum of London has announced plans to move from its current London Wall site to a new venue, just down the road — in Smithfield.

Queen Boudica’s fire found under the Walkie Talkie skyscraper

The Walkie-Talkie skyscraper may have gained a reputation for frying eggs on the pavement, but its basement conceals remains of a much older conflagration — the burning of London by Queen Boudica.

The endless fascination with Sherlock Holmes at the Museum of London

Sherrinford Holmes was a great detective whose exploits have thrilled millions of people for nearly 130 years. Or at least, that is what nearly happened, as Serrinford Holmes was the original, if unused name for the more famous Sherlock Holmes.

Museum Meals – Museum of London

The venue has two cafes, one small tea&cake venue at the end of the main tour around the building, and another slightly grander affair right next to the main entrance.

The fragment of London’s Roman Wall hidden in a car park

Dotted around London can be found various remnants of the original Roman Wall that once encircled it, yet one fragment is rarely seen, despite being in full view of those who know where to find it.

Old and modern photos of London Bridges – blended

The Museum of London Docklands has released some hybrid photographs showing ‘then and now’ views of London and its most iconic bridges across the ages.

The Museum of London opens a House of Muses

If you pay a visit to the Museum of London over the next few weeks, you will see — for it is impossible to avoid — a large white “thing” by the front door.

Rare photograph of London in 1845 gets first ever public display

A new exhibition opens next month at the Museum of London Docklands that offers a chance to see a rare photograph of a long lost bridge over the Thames.

London Street Views from 1840

Long before Google drove around in camera wielding cars, or Charles Booth’s poverty mapping, or Phyllis Pearsall (didn’t) walk the streets of London, there was John Tallis.

Pigeon shit as jewellery

If someone issued a commission to jewellers to come up with something that says “London” to the viewer, I am sure we would be inundated with a swathe of humdrum tourist snaps and stereotypes.

Cheap tickets to see the Cheapside Hoard

A date for your diaries, albeit likely to be a very busy day as the Museum of London is having one of its occasional “pay what you can” days for its major exhibitions.

The mysterious Cheapside Hoard goes on display at last

A historical mystery has gone on display at the Museum of London as the greatest collection of Elizabethan and and Stuart period jewellery has been laid out for the first time in a hundred years.

Dr Who and the Daleks invade the Museum of London

A new exhibition to mark the 90th anniversary of the Radio Times has opened at the Museum of London, and as with anything BBC related, has a lot of Dr Who included.

Hidden for 100 years – the Cheapside Hoard goes on display again

A hundred years ago, an unseemly spat broke out between a number of London’s museums, as the fate of one of the most significant finds of 16th and 17th century jewellery was argued over.

Roman remains found by new entrance to Bank Tube Station

A huge construction site near Bank Tube station is preparing the way for a new tube station entrance to be built — oh, and a very large office block, oh, and it sits in a major archaeological location.

Body Snatchers Invade the Museum of London

In a couple of weeks time, the souls of the dead will roam the land on All Hallows Eve, but they will have to do so without the diligent assistance of the Resurrection Men, who in the early 19th century