Museum Of London - Latest news, articles and photos

Museum Of London - Latest news, articles and photos

Walking the route of Roman London’s Wall

In 1984, the Museum of London installed twenty-one ceramic plaques around the City of London marking the line of the Roman wall, but in 2016, how many of them remain?

Metropolis Museum’s Mysterious Minuted Manuscript

The Museum of London has recently acquired a mysterious and highly unusual piece of manuscript evidence believed to be direct reportage from a House of Commons committee investigating the causes of the Great Fire.

Punk retrospective at the Museum of London

How to make a person feel old — tell them that what they did as an act of youthful rebellion is now in a museum as a treasured artifact.

Archaeological exhibition opens at Museum of London

An exhibition of some of the finds from one of the largest archaeological sites ever dug in London has gone on display in the Museum of London.

Museum of London seeks to become an AntiMuseum

The Museum of London is moving soon to a new home, in the old Smithfield market buildings, and the winning design for the new building design includes a giant British Library style dome.

Museum of London remembers the Great Fire of London

A sixth of London’s population made homeless, emergency camps erected in the fields, proclamations offering assistance to the destitute.

Museum of London restores 17th-century fire engine for exhibition

It may not look like much, but an old barrel and a pump are in fact the remains of a nearly 350 year old fire engine, and they have now been restored ahead of an exhibition about the Great Fire of London.

Designs for the new Museum of London go on display

The Museum of London is planning to move, and has put up a display of some of the designs being considered for its new home.

Photos of London’s 70s and 80s subculture

A display of images that capture London’s eclectic social scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s has gone on show at the Museum of London.

Rare example of early Roman Christianity found in Brentford

Just in time for Easter, volunteers at the Museum of London’s Archaeological Archive have unearthed a rare example of Christian symbolism from Roman Britain.

London Stone to move to the Museum of London

The venerable London Stone, of historic and mysterious antiquity, totemic protector of the City, and current resident of a branch of WH Smiths is to be moved to the Museum of London.

New gallery opening at the Docklands Museum

A rare survivor of London’s historic docks will be celebrated by a new gallery opening at the Museum of London Docklands in a couple of weeks time — the first part of a redevelopment of the Museum’s galleries.

Tattoo exhibition at the Museum of London

From royal hobby, through anarchism and violence, and now hipster cool, tattooing has had a rather curious history

Roman Fresco Discovered next to Leadenhall Market

A huge and ornate fresco that probably adorned the residence of a wealthy Roman citizen has been discovered by archaeologists next to Leadenhall Market in the City of London.

Solving the mystery of Roman London’s headless bodies

For the past 150 years, a mystery has surrounded part of the City of London, where an unusually large number of human skulls were discovered, but without their bodies.

The Met Police opens its “Black Museum” to the public

The contents of one of London’s most secretive private museums has gone on display for the very first time.

Roman Skulls go on display in the Museum of London

Roman London’s amphitheater was a place where men and women crossed its threshold to embrace death or duty. But who were these people?

Brian Haw’s protest camp inside the Museum of London

One of the enduring images of the Blair government was a lone man protesting outside Parliament in a tent — and now some of that protest has come to the Museum of London.