Museum Of London - Latest news, articles and photos

Museum Of London - Latest news, articles and photos

Museum of London celebrates dub music

A new exhibition, Dub London celebrates dub reggae music and culture in the capital, from its roots in Jamaican reggae to how it has shaped communities and culture over the last 50 years.

Museums of London and Docklands to reopen next month

The joint Museum of London and Museum of London Docklands has announced that they will be reopening their doors at both venues on Thursday 6th August.

Museum of London gets permission for new £337 million home

The Museum of London has secured planning permission to move from its London Wall home to the former Smithfields market buildings in Farringdon.

An A-Z of London’s fashion alphabet

The Museum of London has created a new page on their website, bringing together 26 short videos all about London fashion.

Museum of London’s pandemic exhibition goes online

A couple of years ago, a prophetic exhibition about pandemics was held at the Museum of London, and now they’ve put it online.

The Museum of London’s new home – past, present and future

Images have been released showing the proposed new home for the Museum of London in Smithfield, near Farringdon station.

Collecting Coronavirus – the Museum of London wants your memories

The Museum of London is seeking to collect both objects and first-hand experiences to reflect Londoners’ lives during these dark days, in order to keep a record and to ensure future generations

The history of executing people to open in the autumn

Just in time for Halloween, an exhibition will be opening later this year all about how people were killed by the state.

Museum of London submits application to move to Smithfield

The Museum of London has filed the formal planning application that will see it move from its London Wall site to the derelict market buildings at Smithfield.

Syd’s century old coffee stall is saved

For three generations, Syd’s coffee stall has been serving up hot drinks and food in Shoreditch, but tomorrow it closes for the last time.

The Clash: Museum of London Calling

It’s 40 years since The Clash’s third album ‘London Calling’ was released, and an exhibition has pulled together a host of memorabilia for that iconic album.

See inside the Museum of London’s new Farringdon home

The Museum of London is set to move soon from its current home into a cluster of semi-derelict Victorian iron and 1960s concrete buildings.

Samuel Pepys dinner plate goes on display

This is more significant than it sounds, as it’s one of only three items of silver plate known to have belonged to Pepys as part of his personal collection and is now the only one on display in the UK.

A chance to go inside the derelict Smithfield Meat Market

Although Smithfields is still a functioning meat market, about half of the Victorian buildings are derelict and this weekend is a chance to go inside.

Museum of London wants the Trump Baby Blimp

A satirical image of the President who is famed for lacking a sense of humour could end up in a museum.

Huge 200 year old panorama of London to go on display

A huge 20 feet wide panorama of London and Westminster is to go on public display from next Friday for the first time.

Earliest human skull ever mudlarked from the Thames to go on display

Around 5,600 years ago a man died next to a wide meandering river, and over the millennia, the river changed, the landscape changed, but the remains of that man waited.

Musical tower to replace the Museum of London

A tall twisting tower is set to rise on the site of the Museum of London, as the new home for a large concert hall.