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New moquette socks from the London Transport Museum

Just in time for that perennial Christmas present, a pair of socks, a new range of moquette socks has been launched by the London Transport Museum shop.

London Underground themed cycling clothing

If you’re not totally worn out with London Underground themed clothing, now comes a range of moquette cycling gear.

Walking competition to win moquette picnic sets

A walking challenge to visit a set of points on a map could win you a Routemaster moquette picnic set from the London Transport Museum.

Colour in your own Moquette

You can now print off plain sheets of London Transport moquette and while away the hours colouring them in.

London Underground selling its moquette by the metre

The London Transport Museum has recently started selling its famous moquette fabric — in the same way as you buy fabric from stores — by the metre.

There’ll be a Victoria line train outside Olympia next week

Olympia, which is on the District line (occasionally), will next week play host to a 1967 era Victoria line train.

Tickets Alert: A guide to London Transport’s moquette patterns

The author of a new book about London Transport’s famous moquette fabrics for its seats will be giving a talk in October about the same topic.

A book about London Underground’s famous Moquette

It’s a curious thing, Moquette, that hard wearing fabric in bold designs that seems to spark strong passions in people. Is it the design, the familiarity, the heritage, the links with London Transport?

Moquette socks are back in stock

Following the “sold out in one day” success of the District line moquette socks, the Transport Museum has more socks in stock.

London Underground moquette socks go on sale

File this under “just shut up and take my money”, as the London Transport Museum is now selling London Underground moquette socks.

Luggage racks from the old Met Line trains for sale

Possibly a slightly expensive gift for the commuting transport geek in your family, but the Transport Museum has grabbed a load of the old luggage racks that used to appear in the soon-to-vanish A Stock trains that spent the past

London Underground Moquette at Canary Wharf

The main shopping centre at Canary Wharf is doing something exceptionally rare this weekend – they are admitting that men like to buy clothes. Throughout the year, the place puts on lots of shopping events for the ladies, but the

Win a Moquette covered chair

Thanks to a birthday gift voucher from my flatmate, I was in the Transport Museum’s shop the other day picking up some goodies, including a moquette design tea towel – which it turns out isn’t that effective in its tea