Moorgate - Latest news and reviews

London’s Alleys: Nun Court, EC2

This is an alley with a very grand entrance that leads to a tiny dead end back passage that seems at first glance quite insignificant.

London’s Alleys: Moorgate Place, EC2

A short alley with a narrow covered passage that then curves around to a grand street with impressive buildings.

There’s a barbecuing “steam train” in Moorgate at the moment

If you head over to Finsbury Square at the moment, you'll see a very odd sight - of a black steam train surrounded by seating.

City of London to pedestrianise part of Finsbury Circus

It's only a short bit of road, but potentially quite significant as the City of London is planning to pedestrianise part of Finsbury Circus.

British Rail era decorations being removed from Northern City line platforms

GTR is also upgrading and replacing all the way-finding and station name signs, a lot of which were installed in either British Rail Network South East days or earlier franchises and were grubby.

Newborn kittens found under a London Underground escalator

A mum and her four newly born kittens have been found living underneath an escalator at a London Underground station.

5,120 tonne loading test above Moorgate tube station

Over a number of days last November, Europe's largest load test was carried out on a series of concrete piles that were installed around Moorgate tube station.

Unique studio apartment in outstanding location

A unique studio apartment is now available to view in a unique central London location.

London’s Pocket Parks: Bunhill Fields Burial Ground

Just to the south of Old Street can be found one of London's oldest and greatest burial grounds, and one with a most unusual history.

A stone obelisk with a hidden secret

Just outside Finsbury Circus near Liverpool Street station is a small stone obelisk that looks like just another city monument, but in fact conceals a hidden purpose.

London’s Alleys – Great Bell Alley, EC2

An alleyway exists just off Moorgate that has almost no redeeming features about it, other than it's bland existence is fortunately, a very short one.

Moorgate’s Mighty Bronze Doors

Even people who walk down Moorgate daily will have barely noticed a pair of massive bronze doors, for they are usually kept folded open, and only at the weekend is their full beauty apparent.

London’s Alleys – Coleman Street Buildings

This alley is structurally modern, but has the air of an old church undercroft in its design, and lies on the site of a much older alley.

Unveiling a memorial to the Moorgate tube crash

A memorial was unveiled earlier today to commemorate the 43 people who died in the Moorgate railway accident that took place on the 28th February 1975.

The last Thameslink train from Moorgate

Yesterday evening, the very last ever Thameslink train to leave Moorgate station – did indeed leave Moorgate station. Being the last train, loads of train geeks turned up to be able to tell their grandchildren “yes, son – I did