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Tickets Alert – Bird watching and poetry in The Monument

That stone column to the Great Fire of London is holding a series of evening events during the autumn.

At just 26 days, London Underground’s shortest lived tube station

On the 1st November, 1884, a tube station changed its name, and in doing so became the shortest lived tube station to bear the name it once had.

The Museum of London opens a House of Muses

If you pay a visit to the Museum of London over the next few weeks, you will see -- for it is impossible to avoid -- a large white "thing" by the front door.

3D Model of Bank tube station and the 2020 Upgrade plans

If you head into a certain Church in the City, you can see catnip for any tube fan -- a 3D model of the future Bank/Monument tube station as it will be in around 2020.

Closed for 130 years, the public observation tower in central London

In 1834, a tall observation tower was opened to the public near to Trafalgar Square giving people a chance to look down on Pall Mall and overlook St James Park and Whitehall.

A 3D model of Bank Tube Station – and a look at the upgrade plans

If planning permission is granted, then six years of building and tunnelling works will start at Bank tube station from 2015 to fix the notorious bottleneck at the Northern Line. To explain this mammoth task, TfL announced earlier this week

Views From Two Towers in Two Cities – Both in London

Before they merged into a Metropolis, the City of London was physically distinct from the City of Westminster with fields separating the two rival powers in the land. More by coincidence than design, the two cities both ended up two

Banking Crisis

Transport for London has just announced that changing between lines at Bank station will not be possible from the end of this month until the middle of next year. The only exemption is between the DLR and the Northern Line