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New revelations about the “Spitalfields Roman woman”

A 30-year project to uncover the secrets buried beneath Spitalfields has finally come to a conclusion with new revelations about a Roman burial.

Archeologists discover pottery from London’s earliest farmers

One of the most significant discoveries of Early Neolithic pottery ever uncovered in London has now been proven to be 5,500 years old

Map of London’s buried archaeology

Another of those maps that will soak up a few hours randomly zooming around – a map of prehistoric to medieval archaeology under London.

Revealing a lost Elizabethan theatre in East London

A shabby old 1960s office block and car park has been recently cleared away to reveal the remains of one of London’s earliest and little known theatres that dates from Elizabethan times.

Tickets Alert: Tours of the Boar’s Head Playhouse archaeological excavation

The remains of a Shakespearean-era playhouse in Whitechapel, the Boar’s Head is starting to be uncovered, and this weekend is a chance to have a look.

Rare inscribed Roman stylus found in London goes on display

Found under the streets of London, a unique Roman stylus, with the most elaborate and expressive inscription of its kind has gone on display.

Giant “Ice House” discovered under the streets of Marylebone

A long-lost Ice House has been uncovered during building works under the Regent’s Crescent in Marylebone.

The mystery of the London skeleton still wearing his boots

A skeleton, lying face-down deep in the Thames mud, still wearing a pair of thigh-high leather boots has been discovered by archaeologists in Bermondsey.

Teeth of the parasitic Lamprey fish found in central London

Keratin ‘teeth’ belonging to the gruesome lamprey fish have been identified in London’s archaeological record for the first time.

Museums by appointment: The London Roman Wall and Bastion

In a basement underneath Merrill Lynch’s London office can be found an exceptionally well-preserved section of Roman Wall, and a Medieval Bastion, and they’re both free to visit.

Shoreditch’s Shakespearean theatre to be opened to the public

The remains of a Shakespearean theatre discovered under the streets of Shoreditch will be go on public display next year, as part of a new museum opening on the site.

Book review: The river’s tale: archaeology on the Thames foreshore

Ten years of archaeological discovery on the Thames has been explored in the first ever book by the Thames Discovery Programme.

See the triumphant restoration of Roman London’s Mithraeum

After a rude awakening in 1952, and a rather desultory open-air display for the past five decades, the Temple of Mithras has been magnificently restored and returned to its original home.

Crossrail archaeology reveals the bleak fortunes of 16th-18th century Londoners

The bleak fortunes of poor and migrant communities living in London up to 450 years ago have been revealed by the analysis of thousands of skeletons unearthed by MOLA archaeologists during construction of the Elizabeth line station at Liverpool Street.

The ghoulish history of London’s “Corporation of Corpse Stealers”

An angry Londoner once wrote “The sudden resurrection of the Dead in Southwark is become the general Subject of Conversation, and has render’d Death far more frightful and Terrible,”

Crossrail discovers a lost river and the Grains of Paradise

A lost river, only recently rediscovered has revealed some fascinating insights into daily life in Tudor London, including the exotic Grains of Paradise.

Revealing the Roman Walbrook river under London

The Museum of London has opened a new display which shows off finds from the lost Walbrook valley and beyond and represents over 170 years of excavation in London.

Hidden tunnel under Shakespeare’s Shoreditch theater

A three-month excavation in Shoreditch, of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre has revealed details of a stage that is much longer than originally thought with evidence of a passageway running beneath it.