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Trafalgar Square’s “police station” isn’t what it’s claimed to be

You might have seen a small round cubicle on the edge of Trafalgar Square and been told it’s the London’s smallest police station. You might have been told that it was an idea of Sir Lionel Edwards. Both are wrong.

The Met Police opens its “Black Museum” to the public

The contents of one of London’s most secretive private museums has gone on display for the very first time.

Emergency services to simulate a terrorist attack on the tube network

Whenever the debate about why various disused tube stations — specifically Aldwych — can’t be opened to the public more often, it is usually pointed out that the best of them — specifically Aldwych — are still in use for

The Met Police improve their website

A few months ago, London’s Met police upgraded their website, and from my perspective, broke it spectacularly. I fired off a woeful email to them and got a “yeah, ok” reply, but one that did suggest they would be making

London’s Met Police running adverts on Google

It seems that the Metropolitan Police has turned to Google to place adverts on the internet calling for people to report suspected Right Wing Extremists – and the advert is directing people to the Met Police’s anti-terrorism web pages. For