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Tickets Alert: Lord Mayor Show grandstand seats

Although anyone can stand along the route of the Lord Mayor’s Show in November, there is a set of stands right next to St Paul’s Cathedral for the best views.

Hot air balloons to fly over London on Sunday morning

Get up early, for London’s sunrise will be greeted by the sight of around 50 hot air balloons drifting over central London.

Hot air balloons to fly over central London on Sunday

The Lord Mayor’s personal hot air balloon, accompanied by up to 50 others are set to stage an early morning flight over central London this coming Sunday.

Hot air balloons to fly over Central London

A flotilla of hot air balloons are to fly over Central London, as part of the now-annual Lord Mayor of London’s balloon regatta

Balloon Regatta lifts off from London City Airport

At 7am this morning, twenty-seven hot air balloons lifted off from London City Airport as part of the 2017 RICOH Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta.

Hot air balloons to drift over London on Sunday

There is a chance, just a chance, that a huge flotilla of hot air balloons will drift over London early on Sunday morning.

Flotilla of hot air balloons to drift over London

If you wake up early on a particular Sunday morning, you will see the dragon crest of the Lord Mayor of London lead a huge flotilla of hot air balloons over the city.

Attend the Silent Ceremony

Each year, in a ceremony as rich in pomp as it is ancient in history, and in total silence, the new Lord Mayor is sworn into office.

Overnight Rehearsal of the Lord Mayor’s Show

In the early hours of the morning, the silent streets of the City of London were disturbed by the sound of horse and carriage, as the City rehearsed its annual pageant ahead of this weekend’s Lord Mayor’s Show.

Were London’s Streets Once Paved with Gold?

I am sure you’ll be familiar with the claim that Dick Whittington was lured to London by rumours that the streets were paved with gold, but like most fables there just might be the slightest hint of truth in the

The Lord Mayor’s Annual Lecture at Mansion House

Have you been here before, a chap asked as I waited in a queue last night to go inside the Mansion House in the City of London. As it happens, I have been in before – for a tour –

The City of London board game

A new board game has been launched which looks like a variant of Trivial Pursuit – but with a distinctly London theme. The “City of London board game” is also a fund raiser for the Lord Mayor’s annual charity. The

Drive Sheep Over London Bridge

If you came here looking for details about the sheep drive on Wed 21st Sept 2011, it’s been cancelled by the organisers. Sorry. Fancy acting like a Freeman of the City of London and drive some sheep over London Bridge?