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The Great Flood of London in 1524

On this day, 492 years ago, the center of London was abandoned as some 20,000 people fled the arrival of a massive tidal wave that was to devastate the centre of the city.

London Tube Station Appears in Steampunk-Style Computer Game

Some sort of computer game is being released based in Victorian London that features some pretty stunning images of the city, and the London Underground stations.

Photos of the empty M4 Motorway

While I am sure motorists curse and the road maintenance people are none too pleased either, a closed motorway is an exciting opportunity to add to my collection of “abandoned London” genre of photos. There is a tube line that

Photos of an Empty London on Christmas Morning

For the third — and judging by my track record of being ill at Xmas — the last time, I got up early and walked into central London to hire a bike and cycle around taking photos of the city

Around 500 vintage motor cars to drive from London to Brighton

Tomorrow (Sun 6th Nov) morning, around 500 vintage motor cars will start the annual London to Brighton run, leaving Hyde Park at sunrise and arriving in Brighton later in the afternoon. In addition, today (Sat) around 100 of the cars

Even More Photos of a Deserted London

Two years ago I cycled around London on Christmas morning taking photos of a city that was, thanks to the lack of public transport and everything being closed – was itself totally deserted of people. I was somewhat surprised at

Visiting Roman ruins hidden under a London street

Hidden away from sight in a side room next to an underground car park is one of the more important remains of the old London Wall that actually dates from before the wall was built. When the Romans first started

Map of London and its Toll Gates from 1857

Another drawing from my collection of the Illustrated London News – this time of the then vexatious issue of toll-gates around the city that charged people a fee every time they passed though. A committee had been created by Parliament

Painting London’s roofs white

One of the worrying aspects about climate change is the melting ice in the Arctic, but not because all that melted ice would cause a rise in sea levels. In fact, about 90% of the ice is below sea level,

London in the 1950s – archive film footage

A heads up that the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square is showing archive films of London in the 1950s as part of a free event later this month. The official fluff reads: Take a trip back in time to

London Murders: Stats Theory Shows Numbers Are Predictable

Found an interesting report on my science RSS feeds this morning, which ties in with something which tends to irritate me slightly about how the media runs with “scare stories”. We all tend to focus on big one-off events, but

Great Snow Storm of 2009 to be made into a movie

I’m joking – although frankly, I wouldn’t rule it out. Anyhow, enjoy this outstanding picture from the members of the b3ta photoshopping website. The Day After Today – from b3ta productions.

An iceberg on the River Thames

Sitting at home, and what should go past the flat, but an iceberg with a polar bear on top of it. After having a WTF moment and grabbing the photo, I am now wondering where in the “Dummies Guide to

Foggy London

It’s just gone incredibly foggy where I live in Docklands, and as tempted as I am to go out and take photos of fog in the evening, I am stuck indoors waiting for an email to authorise some work to

Abandoned London

A couple of years ago I had the idea that it might be fun to take photos of London without humans – yes, I was motivated by that scene in Westminster from 28 Days Later. Unfortunately, not being a film