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London Underground orders 94 new tube trains for the Piccadilly line

London Underground has formally signed a contract with Siemens Mobility to buy 94 new tube trains which will be used on the Piccadilly line.

Photos of the disused King William Street tube station

Deep under the City of London lies the oldest disused tube station in London, and one that's currently a hive of activity.

Behind the scenes at London Underground’s Bank tube station upgrade

The cramped maze of tunnels that make up Bank tube station are about to change, as a set of huge new tunnels are being dug next to the Northern line that will transform the amount of space deep underground.

Tube strike announced for the Central line this Friday

There will be a tube strike all day this coming Friday (5th October), the tube union ASLEF has announced.

Talks to avert Piccadilly line strike collapse

Talks between the RMT and TfL to avert a strike on the London Underground this week have ended without agreement.

Bank branch trains calling at London Underground’s Kennington Station again

Northern line customers can interchange between the Bank and Charing Cross branches at Kennington again from today (Mon 17th Sept) following the completion of excavation work as part of the Northern Line Extension.

London Underground plans new entrance for Southwark tube station

Nearly a decade after a similar plan was quashed, TfL is making an attempt to give Southwark tube station a second entrance. The plans are for a new entrance on a residential street about half way towards Waterloo station, with

50 years ago – how the Victoria line was built

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Victoria line, and this is its 20 year journey from idea to finished railway.

The night tube delivers bigger boost than expected to London’s economy

The night tube launched on 19th August 2016, three years after it was announced by Boris Johnson, and the expected boost to the London economy is now thought to be higher than originally expected.

London Underground reveals Gareth Southgate tube station renaming cost £10,466

Remember the Gareth Southgate tube station renaming, and how there was a complaint about how much it cost -- the details have been released.

Some Central line trains wont stop at St Paul’s tube station until April 2019

From later this week, westbound Central line trains wont be stopping at St Paul's tube station during the morning and evening rush hours until next April.

London Underground earns £80,000 from Gareth Southgate roundel

Being nice can be lucrative, if you're London Underground and you join in the World Cup fervor by renaming a tube station for a few days.

The driverless tube train shibboleth returns

We're approaching the Mayoral election season (already?), and the preferential issue of driverless trains on the London Underground has reared its head once more.

London Underground one step closer to Holborn tube station upgrade

A consultation held to show off plans to substantially upgrade Holborn tube station has found, unsurprisingly, widespread support for the plans.

Today marks 15 years of Oysters on the London Underground

On the 30th June 2003, London Underground introduced the notion of tapping in and tapping out - the Oyster Card had arrived.