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Southwark Tube Station

Of all the tube stations which were built for the Jubilee Line extension – my favourite has to be the little noticed one at Southwark. While I like Westminster and (obviously) Canary Wharf, there is something almost serene about Southwark,

Ludgate Hill Viaduct in 1896

Taken from a June 1896 issue of the Illustrated London News, this is one of a series of “scenes of London” – this of Ludgate Circus. Notable though is the railway bridge and steam train belonging to the Chatham and

Cooling the London Underground

A cold and windy evening found me wandering over to the Building Centre for a lecture, ironically enough considering the weather – on how to cool the London Underground. The lecture was being organized by The Engineering Club, as part

London Transport Museum – Acton Depot

Went off the to the Transport Museum this morning – not the one in Covent Garden, but the reserve store at Acton Town. Met up with a fellow transport geek and we went in, and thanks to a warning from

One hundred and fourty years of London Underground complaints

I have a small (and slowly growing) collection of old issues of the wondrous Illustrated London News. I originally started collecting them as sources for research, but I actually find they are quite wonderful to read (although sometimes I think

The world’s second oldest underground railway?

London Underground is famously the world’s oldest underground railway – but which one came second? Well, that accolade goes to the Tünel, in Turkey’s Istanbul. It is also arguably the world’s shortest underground railway, being just 571 meters in length

Happy Birthday to the City & South London Railway

Tomorrow (18th Dec) will be the birthday of the first commercially successful deep level electric railway – the City & South London Railway (C&SLR), which ran from Stockwell in South London to the City at King William Street via a