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Secret tube train to Buckingham Palace

As a bit of a fan of tunnels under London, I am often asked about the oft-rumoured tube tunnel that allegedly links Buckingham Palace to, depending on the rumour, Downing Street or Green Park.

Underground Maps Unravelled

This event is being held at Southend on Sea – but I thought it would interest people in London. — An exhibition by Maxwell Roberts Since revolutionising map design in 1933, Henry Beck’s iconic London Underground diagram has set the

Riding the last ever fully circular circle line train

On Sunday morning, the Circle Line uncurled slightly into a spiral, and to commemorate the death of the circle, a small group decided to take the very last ever train to run right round the whole circle line on the

Catch the last fully circular Circle Line train

As I am betting you are probably aware, the Circle Line is shortly to be uncoiled and turned into something that is still called a circle, but is most certainly not. As with most changes on the train networks, there

Ghosts on the London Underground

Considering the dark dark corners, strange noises and abandoned tunnels that litter the soil under London, it is possibly no surprise that stories of hauntings have emerged over the years. On Wednesday, a couple of authors who have recently written

When the Central Line was used as a fighter plane factory

Whilst looking for something totally different on the Discovery TV website, I came across an interesting short video clip about the time when Plessey occupied several miles of tunnel under London and set up a factory inside. The Central Line

Ian at Holborn tube station

Anyone who has followed the London news via the internet today cannot have failed to come across stories about a tube worker, presumed to be Ian Morbin at Holborn station abusing a customer. However, as the video clip of the

A unique interactive exhibition

Trawling through a weird glossy magazine that landed in my letterbox a few weeks ago, I noticed an advert for a “unique interactive exhibition” being held nearby. That in itself wasn’t enough to interest me, but the topic, archaeology and

Filming gets easier on the London Underground

Had a press release come through from TfL gushing about their improved service for film makers and the setting up of a dedicated film office. Great if you want to make films, but what about the remaining 99.99% of people

Tube Station sponsorship could be valuable

Some months ago, I noted an advert in The Economist calling for companies to sponsor the stations on Dubai’s new metro railway. As Annie Mole noted last December, the London Underground is also considering lifting its ban on station sponsorship