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Tube Station sponsorship could be valuable

Some months ago, I noted an advert in The Economist calling for companies to sponsor the stations on Dubai’s new metro railway. As Annie Mole noted last December, the London Underground is also considering lifting its ban on station sponsorship

London’s Tube After Midnight

For your enjoyment, some nice photos taken by Time Magazine of the London underground night time workers – and the work they do.,29307,1870615,00.html The Londonist and Annie Mole went down one evening and wrote about the night-time activities, which

Quiz the Tube Managers

After a group of London bloggers were recently invited to meet with TfL, it is now possible for anyone to quiz the same people we had the chance to chat to. TfL is launching the second (?) of their online

Bloggers Briefing with London Transport

On Tuesday, I was invited to join a bunch of other London based scribes to have a lunchtime round-table meeting over at Transport for London’s iconic HQ building office round the corner from their iconic HQ building to get some

Poster exhibition at the Transport Museum

Last night I (and friend) had tickets to attend the opening evening of the Transport Museum’s latest exhibition – a history of posters on the London Underground. It turns out that London Underground was probably the first transport network to

Tube Roundel – Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weeks ago, the Transport Museum held another of their scavanger hunts where teams are sent off around London to take photos of a subject based on a sheet of clues. This hunt was themed on the tube

I think I just hit the limits on tube geek sadness

Came across this blog via Liberal Conspiracy – and I am sad to say that it was the page header which I found quite noticable. sighs

A tour of Aldwych Station on the London Underground

Earlier this year, I along with a group had a rather rare tour of the disused Aldwych tube station. We were actually supposed to go somewhere else as part of a special deal arranged with the Friends of the Transport

The last wooden escalator

I wandered up to Greenford in North West London this morning to have a look at one of London Underground’s little novelties. Greenford Station, on the Central Line is notable for a couple of reasons – it has the only

Want to sponsor a tube station?

Dubai, city of skyscrapers and oil wealth is not quite so wedded to the motor car that it wont consider public transport and is nearing the completion of its own metro railway network. I saw an advert in this weeks

A Trip on a 70 Year Old Tube Train

In 1938, a new modern tube train was introduced on London Underground – with the radical change in that it abolished the front locomotive which used to pull tube trains. In 1998, the 1938 stock made its final trip on

Southwark Tube Station

Of all the tube stations which were built for the Jubilee Line extension – my favourite has to be the little noticed one at Southwark. While I like Westminster and (obviously) Canary Wharf, there is something almost serene about Southwark,

Ludgate Hill Viaduct in 1896

Taken from a June 1896 issue of the Illustrated London News, this is one of a series of “scenes of London” – this of Ludgate Circus. Notable though is the railway bridge and steam train belonging to the Chatham and

Cooling the London Underground

A cold and windy evening found me wandering over to the Building Centre for a lecture, ironically enough considering the weather – on how to cool the London Underground. The lecture was being organized by The Engineering Club, as part

London Transport Museum – Acton Depot

Went off the to the Transport Museum this morning – not the one in Covent Garden, but the reserve store at Acton Town. Met up with a fellow transport geek and we went in, and thanks to a warning from