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A tour of London Underground’s Art Deco HQ Building

Sitting on top of St James Park tube station is the headquarters of London Underground in the form of the rather dirty, but still iconic Art Deco building. Once the tallest building in London, it was the tip of the

Coming Soon – Guided Tours of Aldwych Tube Station

UPDATED 23rd Sept: All tickets are now SOLD OUT and it is highly unlikely that they will let people go in on the day. I am going tomorrow (Friday) and expect to have a report on this blog in the

Take a trip in a 1938 tube train

Unexpected – as the poor thing has been rather ill recently – but the lovingly restored 1938 era tube train will be taking trips along the tube network in a couple of weeks time, and you can be on it.

A whole week of Subterranean London events

Fancy a week (well, almost) of events about the mysteries that lurk unseen under the streets of London? Sadly, mainly limited to talking about what is down there rather than actually visiting the places, the talks will still be of

Hampstead Tube Station: Past & Posters

I know almost nothing about this – thanks the paucity of information offered in the email that arrived this morning – but it is probably worth highlighting anyway. Between 19th August and 19th November, Burgh House in Hampstead is hosting

West Ashfield – London Underground’s “secret” tube station

There lurks on the London Underground network a tube station that wont appear on any tube map, past, present or indeed future. In use on most days, yet no trains ever call there and no passengers ever use it.

Transforming Aldwych Tube Station

UPDATED 4th September 2010 – special guided tours of the station will be available later this month, more details here. — There you are, a quiet little tube station slumbering quietly on the corner of a road, little used save

Chance to visit the disused Aldwych tube station

UPDATED 1st November 2011 – more tours announced for the end of this year. Details here. — UPDATED 4th September 2010 – special guided tours of the station will be available later this month, more details here. — Of the

Subways and tunnels under the City of London

I mentioned the other day that I recently acquired a copy of a City of London report into possible rebuilding plans for the City following the end of World War 2 and that it contains a lot of maps of

The Tube Geek’s Bible – Rails Through The Clay

First published in 1962, and lauded for its in-depth study of the deep-level tube networks under London, Rails through the Clay swiftly became regarded as a Bible for tube geeks. As second-hand copies were soon exchanging hands for a significant

The strange appeal of walking through tube tunnels

It might sound like a rather obscure sort of event that just a few people would be interested in – yet Londoners have leapt at the chance to walk through the Thames Tunnel at Rotherhithe this weekend. Tickets for the

Brunel’s Thames Tunnel Open to the Public

Warning – tickets are SOLD OUT. You can try turning up in the hope that people have spares, but that is about it. The Brunel Museum will however resume their floodlit tunnel train trips in a few months time. In

Secret tube train to Buckingham Palace

As a bit of a fan of tunnels under London, I am often asked about the oft-rumoured tube tunnel that allegedly links Buckingham Palace to, depending on the rumour, Downing Street or Green Park.

Underground Maps Unravelled

This event is being held at Southend on Sea – but I thought it would interest people in London. — An exhibition by Maxwell Roberts Since revolutionising map design in 1933, Henry Beck’s iconic London Underground diagram has set the

Riding the last ever fully circular circle line train

On Sunday morning, the Circle Line uncurled slightly into a spiral, and to commemorate the death of the circle, a small group decided to take the very last ever train to run right round the whole circle line on the