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Today marks the final trip of the ’67s on the Victoria Line

Today will be the very last time you will be able to see one of the venerable old 1967 Stock tube trains running along the Victoria Line in normal passenger service. They are being phased out by the newer 2009

Youh ish ma besht friend you ish.

Finally was in a position yesterday to take a photo of this poster on the underground that has amused me for some months. Am I the only one who thinks the guy looks drunk and is slurring sweet nothings into

Watch the 1967 tube train make its farewell tour

Tomorrow (Sunday 15th May), as mentioned before, one of the last remaining 1967 era tube trains that have served the Victoria Line will make a farewell tour around the network. All the seats to be on the train have been

South London’s Abandoned Tube Tunnel

Thanks to how the tube network was built by the early private entrepreneurs, there are dotted around the place a fair number of disused shafts and tunnels which attract the curious minds – and occasional physical visits. Although South London

Your night is my day: London Underground never sleeps

With recent chatter about running the London Underground overnight during next year’s Olympics, there was a talk given last week which was due to explain what happens on the Underground overnight – and hopefully explain why a permanent 24-hour tube

Fancy a trip to Acton this weekend?

This weekend will mark the occasional opening of the Transport Museum’s overflow warehouse out in darkest Acton, and if you haven’t been, then it is worth a trip. To the depot that is, not Acton. Basically a former train shed

Disused tube station for sale

If you follow my Twitter account, last night you might have seen a link I posted there which caused considerable excitement, for London Underground is selling a disused tube station. Sadly, not an iconic deep level structure, but the former

Hobbs End tube station – made from Lego

There is a person who makes tube stations out of Lego. Actually, there are probably quite a few such people, but I was drawn to this Charles Holden style London Underground Station made from Lego, which also included the iconic

Today marks the 120th Anniversary of the Northern Line

Sort of. Technically, today (18th Dec) marks the 120th anniversary of the first passenger journeys on what was at the time known as the City and South London Railway, but is today better known as the Northern Line. Not only

A chat with the Top Man at Transport for London

An offer of a whole hour with Peter Hendy, Commissioner of TfL is not something that happens that often, so the offer of a “bloggers briefing” was quite an opportunity. As such, three of London’s scribes found themselves in a

Clean up the Canary Wharf station names confusion

Anyone who makes extensive use of the Jubilee Line and DLR in the Canary Wharf area will be well aware that only tourists/visitors would ever try to switch between the Canary Wharf stations on each line, as Herron Quays on

London’s Transport Museum gains a “Royal Train”

According to this week’s issue of The Railway Herald, the London Transport Museum has gained a mundane, yet also quite special tube train to add to its collection at the Acton Depot. The train is a bulk-standard 1967 stock train

Cooling the London Underground

In March 2008, I attended a really quite interesting talk on the technological challenges in cooling the London Underground network, and it has been a topic which – probably understandably – has interested me ever since. A couple of months

50th anniversary of Bank Station’s travolator

You might not have noticed it, but today marks a very special anniversary on the London Underground – it is the 50th anniversary of the travelator at Bank tube station. This, not just the first moving walkway on the London

The Aldwych Tube Station Blitz Experience

First things first, as they say. Tickets to this event sold out yonks ago. However, if you don’t mind the risk of getting nothing after a day of hanging around, and consuming vast quantities of coffee while you wait, then