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Unbuilt London: Central London’s underground railway loop

Had plans gone as planned, London Underground's Central line should look more like the Circle line running in a loop, not a long single line passing through the centre of London.

Disused tunnels to be reopened at Knightsbridge tube station

A set of disused tunnels at Knightsbridge tube station are set to come back into use, if plans for a major redevelopment of the buildings above are approved.

Battersea’s Tunnel Boring Machines shown off

London Underground has shown off the two new tunnel boring machines that will soon start chewing through South London to dig the Northern line extension.

100th Anniversary of London Underground’s Johnston Font

One hundred years ago, Londoners woke up to find their familiar underground station signs were being bastardized with some modern interloper.

Bank tube station upgrade gets final approval

The upgrade, which will cost £563 million will see the capacity of the tube station increased by 40%, and two news travolators added to speed transfers between the Central and Northern lines.

New glass canopy entrance opens at TCR tube station

Tottenham Court Road Tube station’s new glass canopy entrance opens to the public today. The 15 metre tall glass entrance, which sits on the Centre Point side of the street opened as TfL confirmed that Central line trains will stop

Holborn Tests Standing on Both Sides of the Escalator

News abounds that London Underground is encouraging people to stand on both sides of the escalator.

October breaks London Underground traffic records

Figures released today by Transport for London (TfL) reveal that more people are using London Underground than at any point in its 152-year history.

TfL shows off plans for Camden Town tube station upgrade

Ten years after a previous attempt to rebuild Camden Town tube station were thrown out, London Underground is back with a new scheme.

Did the tube strike improve London’s economy?

Do tube strikes cost the economy millions of pounds in lost productivity, or do they shake up people and change behaviour in a way that offsets the loss?

Photos – rebuilding a Victoria Line crossover junction

Deep underground at Walthamstow fiery welders fill tunnels with smoke while the din of hammers deafen workers in a hot cramped working space. This is the Victoria line upgrade at work.

London Underground’s capacity boost on sub-surface lines

London Underground has confirmed the the long-expected award of a signalling contract that will see the sub-surface lines getting a major overhaul. As expected, the contract has gone to the French group, Thales after London Underground bought out the failed

Free Penguins on the London Underground

During the month of August, Penguin (the book firm) is giving away free book extracts and author interviews as part of a campaign to celebrate its 80th birthday.

3D maps of every Underground station

TfL has released another batch of documents which show every underground station in glorious 3D format.

3D maps of every Underground station – CDEFG

TfL has released another batch of documents which show every underground station in glorious 3D format.

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