London Underground - Latest news and reviews

Blue Plaque Unveiled for Tube Map Pioneer

Earlier today a new blue plaque was unveiled by English Heritage, which has a very specific and rare difference from all the other plaques they have installed on the sides of buildings.

Last day of free Wi-Fi on the Underground

Launched just in time for the Olympics, Virgin's Wi-Fi service has been on of those rare tube upgrades that seems to have had a significant and immediate impact on those who use it.

Baker Street Underground Station made out of Lego

To mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, what could be more fitting that to recreate the famous Baker Street Station from Lego? Well, lots of things probably, but this blog post is about Lego.

Steam trains return to the London Underground after a 50 year absence

Yesterday, for the first time in over 50 years, passengers were hauled by the raw undiluted force of coal and water once again.

Google celebrates the London Underground with a Doodle

Well, it's arrived at last - the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, or maybe that is tomorrow?

Best places to photograph London Underground’s heritage steam train trips

This coming Sunday, London Underground will send a steam train along the original Metropolitan Line and parts of the District Line - so I wandered out to check where the best places will be to watch it.

Diverting the Fleet River for the London Underground

Another look back at the construction of the world's oldest underground passenger railway as seen by the Illustrated London News - this time from February 1862.

The other two London Underground anniversaries this month

While lots of attention is focused on the 150th anniversary of the London Underground dominating the calendar next week, there are in fact two other significant anniversaries this month.

Construction of the Metropolitan Railway at King’s Cross

Another look at the construction of the world's first underground passenger railway as seen by the Illustrated London News - this time from Feb 1861.

How the world’s first underground (passenger) railway was built

As we edge ever closer to the 150th anniversary of the opening of the world's first underground railway which is now just a couple of weeks away, it might be interesting to review of the newspaper reports about how the construction of the railway progressed up to that momentous date.

London Underground’s 150th anniversary – more details released

More details of next years celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the London Underground have been released and there are some juicy bits of fun being planned.

London Underground have covered up a sub-station with art

On a side street just off Edgware Road can be found a new electricity sub-station, required as part of the upgrade of the Underground for more trains and trains that are more thirsty in terms of electricity consumption.

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways

In an age of steam locomotives and horse drawn carriages, a group of Victorians tried to build the world's first true tube tunnel railway. A railway that would have also harnessed the power of the atmosphere to propel carriages in a manner that would astound the people of the time.

25 Years Ago

A look around the Victoria Station upgrade works

(Updated – with some better 3d images of the station development courtesy of the Victoria Station Upgrade Project) Anyone using Victoria Station at the moment can’t have failed to notice that rather a lot of building work is going on,