London Underground - Latest news and reviews

The Museum of London’s model tube trains

Almost hidden in plain view, in a dark corner of the Museum of London can be found a working model of the London Underground.

London Underground HQ to be turned into flats

Westminster Council has given permission for London Transport's iconic headquarters building to be converted into flats. Permission was granted yesterday at the Planning Applications Committee meeting.

See some 3D maps of Central line tube stations

TfL has released a batch of 3D maps of Central line tube stations, following a Freedom of Information request.

East London office gets its own private tube train

An office block with an entrance next to Aldgate East tube station has installed its own private tube train — as a waiting room.

The “All-Female Tube Station” is 100 years old

The first tube station to be staffed entirely by women marks its 100th birthday tomorrow (Sat), and there will be events to mark the anniversary.

Exhibition shows off future Tube Station designs

There will be an opportunity next month to visit the architects working on a new set of designs for London Underground tube stations.

The new tube map assailed by a sea of orange

Slightly earlier than expected, the new tube map has been revealed, which has seen a swathe of orange invade the east, and the first section of what will be the future Crossrail come into action.

Old District line train crashed into 3-ton tank of water

An old London Underground train has been crashed into a 3 ton tank filled to the top with water -- on purpose.

A map for London Underground’s night tube

A couple of years ago I was handed a map of the tube as it might appear this coming September. Ever since, there has been some low-level speculation as to how the tube map will be adapted to reflect the impending reality.

Drinks and a talk on the roof of London Underground’s HQ

A summer's evening in June could be an ideal time to spend sipping drinks on the top of London Underground's famous art-deco headquarters before it is turned into luxury flats.

Watch films inside Charing Cross tube station

You wait ages for a disused tube station story, and two come along at once. Such as this opportunity to watch some classic movies inside a disused tube station.

Photos from inside Down Street disused tube station

Just over 80 years ago, a tube station closed to the public due there being insufficient public interested in using it. Now it could open again, as a tourist attraction.

Abseilers installing art inside Westminster tube station

Last week as London slept, abseilers were seen working their way around the cavernous box that is the Westminster tube station.

Unbuilt London: Extending the Northern Line to Peckham and Streatham

Back in the late 1980s, plans were seriously looked at which could have seen a new Northern Line spur constructed between Kennington, and either Streatham, or along the proposed Bakerloo Line extension, towards Peckham.

It’s the 100th anniversary of the Bakerloo Line extension

One hundred years ago, another extension of the Bakerloo opened to the public, although only two of the four planned stations were ready on time, and it didn’t go where it was originally planned. The original plans by what was