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epping-l11-01 A curious piece of tube history

Just outside Epping tube station, commuters might have noticed an old tube train rusting away, and thought little of it, but this locomotive is the remains of a very odd development in tube history.

underline-zineb-sedira-photo-small-thierry-bal_0002-490x327 High speed video shows tube driver’s view of the Victoria Line

Brixton based artist Zineb Sedira has created a series of films and large-scale photographs that will be displayed at King's Cross St Pancras, Euston, Highbury & Islington and Brixton later this month.

northern-line-extension 90th anniversary of the Northern Line extension

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the longest tunnel under London opening to the public -- following the completion of tube tunnels running down to Morden.

29296689972_d0760f55e0_k London Underground to open historic signal box to the public

Originally built in 1926 and operated by the Metropolitan Railway the cabin's antiquated technology is still in use.

south-kensington-station-upgrade-02 South Kensington tube station upgrade moves forward

The long running plans to upgrade South Kensington tube station took another step forward after BuckleyGrayYeoman was appointed by TfL to carry out a major upgrade of the station.

Night-Tube-map-ianvisits More police for the Night Tube launch

Probably inevitably, it has been announced that there will be more police on the London Underground as the night tube launches this coming Friday.

New tube train for the London Underground goes on display London tube train capacities

Ever wondered just how many people can fit into a London Underground tube train? Nope? Bet you are now!

tube-map-art New tube map released — and tube art tours announced

A new tube map has been released showing of the London Underground's art installations, and this coming Sunday, there is a chance to tour of some of those artworks.

IMG_9336 A week of disruptions on London Over- and Under-ground

In two separate notices, London Underground has designated the first week of August for two separate but major sets of disruptions on the tube network.

1393_AOTU_Underline_Liam_Gillick_12Sheet-794x406 1960s style spy movie art on the Victoria Line

Starting from next Monday, Victoria line stations will be showing video clips in a 1960s spy movie style as part of the Art on the Underground.

IMG_7204 The curious tale of Hammersmith’s abandoned railway viaduct

If you've ever noticed an odd disused railway bridge just to the west of Hammersmith station, it's a curious legacy of a railway line that closed down exactly 100 years ago,

Central_London_Railway_locomotive Unbuilt London: Central London’s underground railway loop

Had plans gone as planned, London Underground's Central line should look more like the Circle line running in a loop, not a long single line passing through the centre of London.

knightsbridge-station-new-entrance-3 Disused tunnels to be reopened at Knightsbridge tube station

A set of disused tunnels at Knightsbridge tube station are set to come back into use, if plans for a major redevelopment of the buildings above are approved.

25553220682_c3855126a9_k Battersea’s Tunnel Boring Machines shown off

London Underground has shown off the two new tunnel boring machines that will soon start chewing through South London to dig the Northern line extension.

DD 2006-10726 roundel drawing.tif 100th Anniversary of London Underground’s Johnston Font

One hundred years ago, Londoners woke up to find their familiar underground station signs were being bastardized with some modern interloper.

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