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New entrance and redevelopment for Hackney Wick station

A plan for a major overhaul of Hackney Wick Overground station and the redevelopment of local properties has been shown off by Network Rail.

Turkey Street – the railway station named after Christmas Lunch

There is a very small part of North London that has a railway station named after it, and that festive area is called Turkey Street.

See a Steam Train on the London Overground

This coming Saturday (3rd Dec), get ready for an early Christmas present, as a steam train makes a rare visit to the North London section of the London Overground.

Five new river crossings announced by the Mayor

The Mayor of London has outlined aspirations for a number of new river crossings in East London, which is a bit of a north-south barrier at the moment as far as transport is concerned.

Plans to rebuild White Hart Lane station

Now that it's looked after by London Overground, plans have been submitted to the council for a major revamp of the rather disheveled White Hart Lane station.

A forgotten railway… the line that starts nowhere and goes nowhere

A wonderful 5 minute video has been dug up by the BBC archives of the North London line when it used to run from Richmond to the now demolish Broad Street Station.

A week of disruptions on London Over- and Under-ground

In two separate notices, London Underground has designated the first week of August for two separate but major sets of disruptions on the tube network.

Unbuilt London: The Outer Loop Railway

London has in recent years gained a loop railway that runs around the suburbs, but 100 years ago, a proposal was made for a much larger loop which would have dramatically changed how we see the city today.

A walk around the London Overground with by Iain Sinclair

A book had been delivered, a walk around the Overground, to be read on the Underground.

The new tube map assailed by a sea of orange

Slightly earlier than expected, the new tube map has been revealed, which has seen a swathe of orange invade the east, and the first section of what will be the future Crossrail come into action.

New London Overground Map includes the Barking Extension

In 2008, the incoming Mayor of London scrapped plans for a DLR extension to Dagenham Dock. In 2014, the outgoing Mayor of London announced plans for a London Overground extension, almost to Dagenham Dock.

Unusual train movement this weekend

There is a chance to sate your railway geek this weekend as London Overground trains run along a slightly unusual route, and past a long since closed station.

A chance to walk through the Thames Railway Tunnel

This coming May Bank Holiday will offer an exceptionally rare opportunity to walk through Brunel's original tunnel under the Thames.

What tube zone is Washington DC in?

If you were a commuter on the London Overground, it seems that unknown to most of us, it is possible to travel all the way to the USA, and probably back.

A look at London’s tube and rail upgrade plans

The periodic board meeting minutes at TfL have been published, and amongst all the words and pictures some useful nuggets sometimes emerge.

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