London Open House Weekend - Latest news, articles and photos

London Open House Weekend - Latest news, articles and photos

London Open House Weekend – The Naval Club

Another of the pre-booked tours for Open House Weekend were the guided tours of the Naval Club in the rarefied airs of Mayfair. The building itself is a notable example of early 18th century grand houses, and indeed, one of

London Open House Weekend – The Thames Tunnel

Lurking not too far from where I live is a subterranean marvel that is considered to be one of the most important locations in engineering history. I am referring to the currently closed off East London Line railway – for

London Open House – The White Tower

Another of the London Open House events that needed pre-booking, and this was a visit to the White Tower inside the Tower of London. Unlike the tourists who were a) paying and b) going inside the Tower, we a) didn’t

London Open House – Westminster Town Hall

In my perambulations around London for the annual Open House events, I found myself in between planned venues so decided to wander around to Whitehall to see what was available san-queues to occupy a spare hour. I was already in

London Open House Weekend – Bookings

The annual Open House weekend is fast approaching, where hundreds of buildings are open for us nosey types to peer around. It’s one of my mandatory weekends where everything else is cancelled in favour of near-military planning to cram in

London Open House Weekend – Dates Announced

One of my favourite annual events, the London Open House Weekend, has confirmed the dates for 2009 – and I am now marking the weekend of 19th-20th September as unavailable for anything else. I usually buy the Event Programme as

Centre Point Tower (London Open House)

I have been rather slow in uploading photos etc from London Open House Weekend, so here is another one. I managed to book tickets for a visit to the Centre Point tower in central London. It had been my second

Beefeater Gin Tour (London Open House)

On Sunday, as part of the London Open House Weekend – I had a tour of London’s last remaining Gin distillery – which produces Beefeater London Dry Gin. The other so-called London Dry Gins (the ones in distinctive green bottles)

London Open House – Day 1

The morning of my favourite weekend started well – with a quick trip up the tower at St Anne’s in Wardour Street. There is a rather fine clock up there, and on a landing half way up, a rather earnest