London Open House Weekend - Latest news, articles and photos

London Open House Weekend - Latest news, articles and photos

Last chance bookings for London Open House

If you were lucky enough to book the prize locations for this week’s Open House event, expect an email shortly asking you to let them know if you now find you are not able to attend as planned. That way

Booking opens today for tours of the BT Tower

A few left overs from last week’s mad rush to book tickets for the London Open House Weekend, as booking opens today for the tours of the BT Tower and also bus-tours of the Olympic Park. BT Tower Tours on

The other Open House weekend outside London

The weekend before London Open House Weekend, the rest of the country has a go at a similar thing, with its Heritage Open Days. Trawling through the list, below are my personal picks that are close to (and sometimes, inside)

Pre-Booking Details Released for London Open House Weekend

Of the 757 venues that will be opening their doors for next month’s Open House Weekend, a small number need to be booked in advance – a policy that usually leads to panic stricken trawling through their website on Monday

BT Tower to be open again for London Open House

Just been confirmed that the BT Tower will open again this September for the London Open House weekend, and tickets might be just a smidgen easier to get this time as they have “over double” the capacity that was available

Pre-order the London Open House Weekend Guide

Even though London’s annual architectural feast / chance to peer in people’s private homes (delete as appropriate) is not due until the middle of September, you can already place pre-orders for the printed guide. I always buy a copy, partly

Climbing up the Limehouse Accumulator Tower

If you use the Docklands Light Railway, you might have noticed a rather strange octagonal tower near Limehouse that seems to be sitting in an abandoned patch of waste-land. This tower, built in 1869 conceals a hydraulic accumulator that was

A tour of Grosvenor House Hotel

Another of the Open House London events – a guided tour of one of London’s more luxurious hotels, which is probably more famous for its basement, than for its rooms. Grosvenor House Hotel is named after the original occupants of

Visiting the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

As part of the Open House London weekend, one of my pre-booked tours included a visit to the newish Supreme Court building in Westminster. Not the first time I have been in the building, as I have been in once

Visiting The Conservative Club in St James

The exterior may look suitably anonymous to the average passer-by, but inside number 74 St James lurks not only an impressive interior, but also hosts an important aspect of the history of the modern Tory Party. The building was the

Loyalty is not rewarded

Had an email from Open House London this morning that has frankly, put me in a bit of a bad mood. The Open House 2010 press evening reception to officially launch the 2010 event takes place on the revolving 34th

Another way to get a tour of the BT Tower

If you haven’t entered the ballot for tickets to go to the top of the BT Tower for Open House London, then you should be sending that email off sharpish. Applications to be sent to [email protected] Ballot closes Mon 13th

Booking opens to visit the top of the BT Tower

While tickets to visit most of the favoured venues for Open House London 2010 were snapped up within just a few minutes, tickets for the highly coveted chance to visit the top of the BT Tower are being allocated by

That “Other” Open House Weekend

What is commonly called London Open House Weekend is officially called Open House London, and is organised by what was called Open House but is now called Open City. If you live outside London, you also have an Open House

Booking Details for London Open House Weekend 2010

It’s that time of year again as the catalogues are posted out for the London Open House Weekend (18th-19th Sept) and I peer through it for all the juicy properties that need pre-booking when the website goes live on Monday

Chance to visit the top of the BT Tower

OMG! OMG! OMG! The iconic BT Tower in the centre of London that has to be in the top-10 of any Londoner’s list of buildings they would most want to go inside will be open to the public this coming

The 2010 Open Garden Squares Weekend

The details for the gardening version of London Open House Weekend have been announced – where us mere mortals are allowed to wander around those closed off garden squares that act as glorified roundabouts in the posher parts of London

Chance to visit the Kingsway Subway tunnels

Some years ago, I cam within a whiskers length of getting a tour of the Kingsway subway tunnel that runs near to Holborn in central London, and is now largely used as a storage box by the local council. Sadly,