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London’s fire brigade museum to get a new home

The already difficult to visit Fire Brigade Museum is about to become easier to visit, as it is closing for several years. Yes, that actually makes it easier to visit.

Attempts to close the London Fire Brigade Museum

A few days ago I was approached on Twitter to sign a petition protesting against plans to close the London Fire Brigade Museum. I demurred from the request mainly as the petition presented no independent evidence that such a plan

London Fire Brigade Museum – Open Day

With frustratingly short notice – the London Fire Brigade has announced that it will open its museum this coming Friday to anyone who just wants to turn up and have a look. The museum is one of those places that

A museum for the Emergency Services?

Reading this morning that the hanger sized grey monolith that will become the media centre for the Olympic games in 2012 faces an uncertain future got me pondering an idea I had some time ago. On my visit to the

Visiting the London Fire Brigade Museum

Earlier this afternoon, I wandered over to Southwark for a genuinely rare treat – a general open day at the London Fire Brigade Museum. By coincidence, just as I arrived, I spied Caroline of Caroline’s Miscellany coming out, so it