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Timelapse film of the works at London Bridge station

For the past couple of weeks, Southern and Thameslink trains haven't been able to call at London Bridge station as rebuilding works take place -- and a timelapse video of what was going on during the blockade has been released.

The docklands church built from bits of Old London Bridge

Around 160 years ago, a gleaming white Christian edifice was erected at the southernmost end of the Isle of Dogs that is rumoured to include remains of the old London Bridge in its structure.

The Myth of Canute’s Canal in South London

King Cnut the Great -- he of the holding back the tide fame -- is also claimed to have constructed what could have been on of the most impressive feats of civil engineering in Saxon England, a vast 4 mile long canal through South London.

A scale model of Old London Bridge

If you are the sort of church that has a long association with a famous bridge, it is possibly not that surprising that you might have a large model of said bridge in your building. Such is the church of

A look around Southwark Cathedral

London has three four Cathedrals, and while two – St Paul’s and Westminster — are famous, (And it seems, a fourth one I have never even heard of) Southwark has always seemed to me to be a bit overlooked, which

Two overlooked lumps of old London Bridge

One of those “I never knew that” moments as I was rushing over London Bridge towards the tube station and going around the spike I dodged two stone plinths that people normally sit on. Out of the corner of my

The little used pedestrian tunnel by London Bridge

Coming out of London Bridge tube station onto Tooley Street, you will often be buffeted from side to side by the hordes of tourists, and almost as many sales people trying to harangue you into visiting one or other of

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of London Bridge

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the rededication of John Rennie’s 1831 London Bridge – in Arizona. As I am sure you should know, The City of London sold the old Victorian London Bridge in 1967 to the American, Robert

Today marks the 120th Anniversary of the Northern Line

Sort of. Technically, today (18th Dec) marks the 120th anniversary of the first passenger journeys on what was at the time known as the City and South London Railway, but is today better known as the Northern Line. Not only

Homeless people offering guided tours of London

I saw this on another website and thought it looked interesting. As part of a Festival Fringe event, there will be a series of guided tours around London Bridge and Shoreditch, looking at the city from a rather unusual perspective

The Wellington Testimonial Clock-Tower in Southwark

In 1854, the good peoples of Southwark wished to demonstrate their appreciation towards the Duke of Wellington, who had died only a few years earlier, and chose to construct some form of memorial to him. As detailed below, an original

When there were icebergs in the River Thames

Although most readers will be familiar with the tales of the Frost Fairs, when the River Thames was completely frozen over, changes to the climate and river structures made such an event almost impossible in the 19th century – and

Windows Error Message at London Bridge

There is an internet tradition of capturing photos of windows error messages in unusual and very public locations. Today I finally saw my first one in real life, and as a value added bonus, the screen was displaying an advert

Battle of the London Bridges on Twitter

It seems the two London Bridges, the current and the later are on Twitter and have been having a bit of a childish spat! For clarity, Tower Bridge has its own Twitter account as well, although it has maintained a

How London Bridge Fell Down

Tomorrow (Sat) will mark either the laying of the foundation stone, or the completion of the construction of the first London Bridge – the date seems a bit confused. Now, a new study at the University of Leicester has uncovered