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Tickets Alert: Tours of Stationers’ Hall

Long hidden behind other buildings, Stationers’ Hall is one of the largest and most opulent of City livery halls, and they now hold regular public tours.

Have you ever seen the Mercers’ Maidens around London

If you've ever seen them, you might think they're just old decoration, but many buildings in London are adorned with the bust of an anonymous woman.

The ancient Stationers’ Hall opens up for public tours

Long hidden behind other buildings, Stationers' Hall is one of the largest and most opulent of City livery halls, and they've just started holding regular public tours.

The History of Beeswax in London

As part of the soon to finish City of London Festival, there was a talk the other evening at the Wax Chandlers Hall all about their trade – bees and beeswax. The hall itself isn’t one of the grand old

Beating the Bounds and Thrashing the Thames

Beating the Bounds is an ancient custom still observed in many English parishes on Ascension Day – the 40th day after Easter – including, fortunately for me, a parish within the City of London. The roots of the tradition go

The Annual Vintners Procession

Another old City of London tradition occurred today as the Company of Vintners carried out their ancient procession to a local church following the inauguration of a new Master. The procession’s path is swept clean by a Wine Porter using

A Ripping Yarn of Silver and Salt

On what is now a fairly narrow side street in London lurks Goldsmith’s Hall, which belongs to one of London’s Livery Companies and is one of the city’s Great Halls. Not normally open to the public, the building does host

The Trial of the Pyx

Earlier today, I had the huge pleasure of attending the Trial of the Pyx in the sumptuous surroundings of the Goldsmith Hall just by St Paul’s Cathedral. The trial occurs on the second Tuesday in February every single year –