Leicester Square - Latest news and reviews

Inside London’s own Notre Dame church

One of the more famous churches in London can be found just off Leicester Square, and was also once home to an even more famous entertainment venue.

London’s Alleys: Cranbourn Alley, WC2

This short alley next to Leicester Square is undeniably the underbelly of the glitzy lights of the West End. A dingy space of back doors and air conditioning units, or dubious smells and garish signs. It's perfect.

London’s Alleys: Whitcomb Court, WC2

This is one of those dirty alleys that that overflows with rubbish and mess, but it also has the moon in the midst of its grime and clutter.

Inside The Londoner, a new hotel for Leicester Square

A building site next to Leicester Square will soon become a cinema and hotel -- and recently there was a chance to look around while it's still concrete and steel.

Tickets Alert: Hard hat tours of new hotel and cinema in Leicester Square

A large hotel with large cinema some 6 storeys below ground is currently under construction, and there will be tours of the building site next month.

The missing murmurations of Leicester Square

Some thirty years ago, visitors to the cinemas of Leicester Square were warned to carry a copy of the Evening Standard with them -- as protection.

Dante’s Modern Inferno at Leicester Square

If Dante were alive today, I would have found his muse in a multi-layer confection of artificial colours and smells designed to deafen the senses into mute submission.

The Victorian Panopticon in London’s Leicester-Square

In the days prior to the development of the mass-market cinema, one of the most popular forms of morally suitable entertainment was to visit a site of ephemeral entertainments in the cities. These “fun fairs” would promote themselves as displays

Handel’s Messiah @ Leicester Square

I have just had this via an email from the Foundling Museum – the first ever broadcast of a live choral concert into cinemas. As tickets to  King’s College Chapel in Cambridge tend to drive credit cards to suicide, this