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Disused tram tunnel restored by Crossrail

A disused tram tunnel that was commandeered for the Crossrail project is due to be handed back to Camden Council following restoration to its original condition.

Crossrail starts restoration of Kingsway Subway

A disused tram tunnel under Holborn is set to be restored by Crossrail after it served an innovative purpose during the tunneling work in the area.

Photos from inside the abandoned Kingsway Tram Tunnels

An abandoned tunnel under Holborn that has been closed for 60 years is to come back to life over the next couple of years as it is to be taken over by Crossrail as a suitable location for some of their hidden enabling works.

Chord inside the Kingsway Subway Tunnel

Today I finally achieved something I have wanted to do for years, and got to see a rather interesting bit of art into the bargain.

Chance to visit the Kingsway Subway tunnels

Some years ago, I cam within a whiskers length of getting a tour of the Kingsway subway tunnel that runs near to Holborn in central London, and is now largely used as a storage box by the local council. Sadly,