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Take a tour inside a drained canal lock

Over this weekend, there's a chance to go down to the bottom of one of London's canal locks, while it is being drained for maintenance works.

See miniature trains carved out of pencils – for one day only

For one day next week, there will be a small display of astonishingly small model trains at King's Cross station. They're carved out of pencils.

Flying Scotsman to come to London

Early morning commuters are in for a steamy surprise in a few weeks, as the Flying Scotsman makes its inaugural passenger journey from King's Cross station.

Attend a Science Lecture in a Train Station Tunnel

This is a little different, but the newish passenger tunnel at King's Cross station is the setting for a lecture next month.

Layout maps of Kings Cross tube station

Ever get lost at King's Cross tube station and wonder where all those tunnels and corridors really lead to?

New tunnel opens at King’s Cross station

The complex of tunnels and entrances at King's Cross tube station gained another addition recently, a stunning tunnel with a permanently changing lighting effect.

Henry Moore sculpture appears outside King’s Cross station

The large flat regular space of the new plaza outside King's Cross station has started to regain a little bit of the clutter that defined it for the past hundred years.

Photos from the new King’s Cross Square

Barely meeting its Thursday deadline, the long anticipated King's Cross station got the wide plaza space in front of the original Victorian station building.

Reclaimed wooden flooring from King’s Cross Station

As King's Cross station inches closer to completing its refurbishment, a firm was able to lay its hands on a load of the old wooden planks used in a warehouse and refurbished them as well.

Photos from the roof above King’s Cross Station

In just under two weeks time, commuters arriving at King's Cross station will be the first to leave the front of the building and walk not onto a building site, but a large open plaza.

Tube Maps made from Lego go on display in stations

And thus it was that Tube Geek met Lego Geek and they turned the geek up to 11 by combining their geekdom in the form of several tube maps made out of Lego bricks.

Diverting the Fleet River for the London Underground

Another look back at the construction of the world's oldest underground passenger railway as seen by the Illustrated London News - this time from February 1862.

Construction of the Metropolitan Railway at King’s Cross

Another look at the construction of the world's first underground passenger railway as seen by the Illustrated London News - this time from Feb 1861.

25 Years Ago

Unbuilt London: The City Terminus Railway

Mr Charles Pearson was a City Solicitor, and politician of great ambition for London's railways, but sadly for him at least, very little direct success.

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