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The myth of the King Charles I bust opposite Parliament

A little curiosity is mounted on the outside wall of St Margaret's Church next to Westminster Abbey in the form of a lead bust of King Charles I.

Watch a Large Ceremonial Procession Along The Mall this Sunday

I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it seems to get – in my opinion – oddly little publicity or attention considering the size of the event and the spectacle. This Sunday, for the 30somthingth year, around 500 members of

This Sunday – the 350th Anniversary of the execution of Oliver Cromwell

This Sunday marks the 350th anniversary of the execution by being hung from the neck until dead of Oliver Cromwell, the leader of the republic following the execution of King Charles I. However, he was in fact, already dead! He

Beware unexpected visitors on Christmas Day

The turkey is cooking, the smell drifts around the single room you call a home for your entire family. Small sprigs of holly and ivy, rosemary and bays decorate the room. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Afraid,

Photos – Commemorating the Nine Regicides

If you read the blog regularly, then you may recall that this morning, a march down The Mall took place to commemorate the Nine Regicides. Organised by the Roundhead Association of the English Civil War Society, it was a visually

Civil War march through Whitehall to mark the Nine Regicides

This Sunday marks the 350th anniversary of the Nine Regicides. The what? The Nine Regicides, or to put it another way, the week that nine men were executed by the gruesome method of being hanged, drawn and quartered. Their crime?

Celebrate the 350th Oak Apple Day this Saturday

This Saturday will mark the 350th anniversary of the anniversary of the day that King Charles II returned to London from exile overseas after the Restoration of the Monarchy. To celebrate “his Majesty’s Return to his Parliament” the politicians of