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Developer wants to build over the tube tracks in Kensington

A section of railway in central London could be built over if plans for a major housing development are approved by Kensington and Chelsea Council.

Tube tunnel sized sewer planned for Kensington

One of London's lost rivers could get a tube-tunnel sized bypass under planned announced by Thames Water.

Changes Announced to London’s only Parliamentary Train Service

Regular readers may recall my rather fun little trip earlier this year on the Parliamentary Train that is needed to keep a bit of little used railway track near Clapham Junction legally open. I mentioned at the time, that the

Taking a Private Trip in London’s Parliamentary Train Service

A mysterious train runs between North and South London during the week, direct between two stations that shouldn’t be possible to travel between. Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon – and never at weekends. From Wandsworth Road

One hundred and fourty years of London Underground complaints

I have a small (and slowly growing) collection of old issues of the wondrous Illustrated London News. I originally started collecting them as sources for research, but I actually find they are quite wonderful to read (although sometimes I think