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Jubilee Line Upgrade finally going live next week

For those of us who live along the Jubilee Line area while have had a couple of years of delays and weekend closures as the line was upgraded to Automatic running – the core benefit being able to run trains

South London’s Abandoned Tube Tunnel

Thanks to how the tube network was built by the early private entrepreneurs, there are dotted around the place a fair number of disused shafts and tunnels which attract the curious minds – and occasional physical visits. Although South London

Clean up the Canary Wharf station names confusion

Anyone who makes extensive use of the Jubilee Line and DLR in the Canary Wharf area will be well aware that only tourists/visitors would ever try to switch between the Canary Wharf stations on each line, as Herron Quays on

Heritage Train Trip to the Disused Platforms at Charing Cross

Today was the highly anticipated 1938 tube train run along the modern Jubilee Line extension, and a rare chance to visit the disused platforms at Charing Cross station. Although I have been on the train several times – the last

Special heritage train outing on the Jubilee line

Just an update to the blog posting earlier this week re the 1938 heritage train visit to the disused Jubilee Line platforms at Charing Cross station… Tickets are now on sale at the London Transport Museum website. As it is

Take the 1938 Tube Train to the Disused Charing Cross Platforms

How about this – a chance to take the tube to the closed Charing Cross tube station – and not just any tube train, but the heritage 1938 stock. Just had an email from TfL letting me know that there

Jubilee Line tunnels under Big Ben

A few months ago, I went to a lecture on tunnelling technologies, given by Professor Robert Mair FREng FRS, and specifically on what is known as compensation grouting. Meant to write up about it at the time, but it was

Southwark Tube Station

Of all the tube stations which were built for the Jubilee Line extension – my favourite has to be the little noticed one at Southwark. While I like Westminster and (obviously) Canary Wharf, there is something almost serene about Southwark,

Ludgate Hill Viaduct in 1896

Taken from a June 1896 issue of the Illustrated London News, this is one of a series of “scenes of London” – this of Ludgate Circus. Notable though is the railway bridge and steam train belonging to the Chatham and