Hs2 - Latest news, articles and photos

Hs2 - Latest news, articles and photos

HS2 freight deliveries to a town without a railway station

The site, to the north of London, is an interesting one, as HS2 trains will pass right through the middle of a disused railway station.

Fresh photos from HS2’s London construction sites

HS2 has released some photos of their construction sites, including several from the London area.

The environmental argument in favour of HS2

A report has been published looking at the environmental impact of HS2, and with some caveats, is largely positive about how HS2 will improve the environment.

HS2’s tunnel boring machines arrive in London

HS2’s first two Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) have arrived in the UK ahead of starting tunneling work next to the M25 early next year.

Euston towers demolished for HS2 station

Two large, and not much loved, office blocks that stood at Euston station have been demolished to make way for the new HS2 station.

Euston Arch reconstruction could cost £50 million

It’s been revealed that an investigation into the feasibility of restoring the Euston Arch put the cost in excess of £50 million.

Design for HS2’s South Kilburn ventelation shaft shown off

The design for the above-ground part of the HS2 tunnel ventilation shaft in South Kilburn has been shown off for consultation.

How Tilbury in Essex benefits from HS2 to Birmingham

The Port of Tilbury out beyond the east of London is being highlighted as a beneficiary of HS2 when it opens, even though it’s nowhere near HS2.

Signs to defend against evil found along the HS2 railway

Marks carved into the wall of a medieval church that were thought to deter evil spirits have been found along the path of the HS2 railway.

London’s first two HS2 tunnelling machines ordered

The first contracts for two new giant tunnel boring machines have been signed to dig HS2 tunnels under North-West London.

London’s dead to be moved to Brookwood for HS2

The huge numbers of dead bodies that were removed from a gravesite behind Euston station to clear it for HS2 are to be reburied at Brookwood Cemetery, in Surrey.

TV series looks at the archeology of HS2

When building something big, it usually involves bringing in the archaeologists to check the land first, and there’s not much bigger than HS2 for historical discoveries.

HS2 outlines timeline for London construction works

The high-speed railway, HS2 recently published a high-level report into its construction plans for the next few years.

HS2’s giant tunnel wall completed next to the M25

Preparation for the arrival of HS2’s first tunnelling machines has passed a milestone with the completion of the 17m high headwall and ground reinforcement at what will become the south portal of the 10-mile long Chiltern tunnel.

Euston station’s 1960s parcel ramp demolished for HS2

A large space occupied by a beautifully ugly road ramp at Euston station has been cleared to make way for new HS2 platforms.

New photos show HS2’s southern tunnel portal

Initial photos have been released of the building site where HS2 tunnels will dive under the M25 and tunnel their way beneath the Chilterns towards Birmingham.

HS2 wins court case over Euston tunnels design

HS2 has won a court case which threatened to seriously alter their plans to dig train tunnels to Euston station.

First photo of HS2 tunnel boring machines

HS2 has released the first picture of one the two TBMs that will spend around three years digging the longest and deepest HS2 tunnels – from just inside the M25 to South Heath in Buckinghamshire.