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London’s Pocket Parks: Khadija’s Garden, N1

When out for a walk, I often take photos of things then research them when I get home. Here is a pocket park that I was to learn comes with a tragic ending.

The magnificently restored Roman Catholic Church of St Monica

A old Roman Catholic church was undergoing restoration when they uncovered something remarkable, and now the restoration is astonishing.

London’s Alleys – Shepherdess Walk, N1

There is a delightfully cute little alley that has been in this part of Hoxton ever since it was all fields, and yet its history is a total mystery.

London’s Alley’s – Cotton’s Gardens, E2

This probably shouldn't be in the list, as it's a bit too wide for an alley, but it has a former alley at the end, and a very nice bit of heritage in the road.