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Europe’s largest green wall planned for London hotel

Holborn viaduct is a long corridor of unremitting office blocks being very glass and stone, but one could go up that will be covered in green plants.

Inside The Londoner, a new hotel for Leicester Square

A building site next to Leicester Square will soon become a cinema and hotel -- and recently there was a chance to look around while it's still concrete and steel.

The Pilgrim’s Progress remembered in Holborn

A hotel in Holborn also contains a most unexpected statue -- of John Bunyan, author of The Pilgrim's Progress.

Tickets Alert: Hard hat tours of new hotel and cinema in Leicester Square

A large hotel with large cinema some 6 storeys below ground is currently under construction, and there will be tours of the building site next month.

A London Underground themed hotel opens

A hotel near to Gloucester Road tube station has been redecorated with a design based on the London Underground.

Tickets Alert: Behind the scene tours of Bloomsbury’s Principal hotel

As part of the Bloomsbury Festival, there's a chance to take in a behind the scenes tour of the grand hotel that dominates the area, the Principal London.

A tour of Grosvenor House Hotel

Another of the Open House London events – a guided tour of one of London’s more luxurious hotels, which is probably more famous for its basement, than for its rooms. Grosvenor House Hotel is named after the original occupants of