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Tickets Alert: The Household Division Beating Retreat

Fancy an evening in Horseguards Parade watching a military precision drill, with cannons, and finished off with fireworks?

What’s it like to attend the Trooping the Colour?

Anyone can watch the Trooping the Colour on telly, but what’s it like to be in the audience, in Horseguards Parade itself?

Visiting the Household Cavalry Museum

While most museums and tourist hotspots are rubbing their hands with glee at the potential for tens of thousands of new visitors during the Olympics this summer, there is one museum that will lose out of on this financial bonanza.

Watch a Large Ceremonial Procession Along The Mall this Sunday

I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it seems to get – in my opinion – oddly little publicity or attention considering the size of the event and the spectacle. This Sunday, for the 30somthingth year, around 500 members of

Civil War march through Whitehall to mark the Nine Regicides

This Sunday marks the 350th anniversary of the Nine Regicides. The what? The Nine Regicides, or to put it another way, the week that nine men were executed by the gruesome method of being hanged, drawn and quartered. Their crime?

Trooping the Colour

Just a reminder that if you want to put your name into the ballot for tickets to watch the Trooping the Colour from the seated area in Horseguards, then you need to send your letter within the next day or